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The Sims 4 Modern house (No cc) Download

Sims 4 Modern house (No cc)

Sims 4 Modern house
Sims 4 Modern house
Sims 4 Modern house

With its 3 bedrooms, this 2nd house I built in Newcrest could be for a medium family. It has a swimming pool and a hot tub.

Value: 98013
Furnished: Fully
Decorated: Throughout
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Stories: 2
Lot Size: 20×15
ID: SC4-110791

Have you looked at my previous post?



The Sims 4: 15 Incredible Mansions That Use No Custom Content

It's not likely that anyone on earth would ever turn down a mansion, so why should it be any different in the world of the Sims? There are some who opt for downsizing and can't be bothered with more than one bathroom and maybe a second bedroom, but then there are others who love to build big. And by building big, we mean repeatedly typing 'motherlode' into the cheat bar just to get enough compensation.

These mansions are enormous, they're luxe, and they're definitely something that no one needs. Unless a Sim family consists of 20 people or more, there's no way that anyone could ever utilize one of these, especially not as an AI. Regardless, they're pretty fantastic and hey, we can dream, right?

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Updated on August 8th, 2020 by Anastasia Maillot: Despite packs like Tiny Living and Eco Lifestyle that make it trendier and easier to live with less in The Sims 4, it's safe to say lavish mansions and gorgeous estates are still here to stay. After all, the game literally is meant for players to live out their wildest dreams, whether it's to live on a beach off the grid or to walk the halls of a Victorian mansion.

Unfortunately, most great mansions available online tend to be riddled with custom content, which can easily bloat anyone's game. Moreover, downloading a ton of different windows and bushes might be less tempting to do for just one house. These mansions, however, will work without any CC, but make sure to check which packs are needed for them to function.

15 Rocky Paradise

Not all mansions need to be full of antique furniture to have an elegant, classic appearance. This Paradise Mansion by GenkaiHaretsu, for instance, has a very unique style that still fits the typical look of an expensive mansion. It has three beds and baths, so there's plenty of space for a big family.

The lot works best in Sulani, and most of its interior has a bohemian, laid back, and organic look for mansions best suited for island living.

14 Lush Modern

For families looking for a truly modern and chic house that's "in" right now, marychabb's WOLA is the perfect answer. Not only is the outside nice and lush with a really elaborate garden and waterfall by its side, but the house itself also has a nice and airy appearance.

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Indoors, the furnishing is very much a mix of clean modern and new retro, with a mix of blues, whites, and hints of yellows. It's a fabulous house for a family that knows its worth and wants to be the object of everyone's jealousy.

13 Sulani Beach Mansion

Sulani's gorgeous views make it the perfect spot for incredible mansion builds, and this one definitely catches anyone's attention at first glance. It's not a typical mansion at all and has a surprisingly earthly and natural appearance.

Nobody1392's Yamayka House fits in well with Sulani's overall style and even has a separate laundry room, a jacuzzi balcony, and a sauna room. This truly is the dream house.

12 Simple Lake Mansion

For those who don't particularly like flashy colors and styles, philo's Justin's Oase is a wonderful villa with a very specific color palette. Indoors and outdoors, the house is focused on wooden, grey, and white colors that pull together the calming and relaxing vibe of this build.

Best of all, this build is located by a small lake, in which Sims can swim and sunbathe by. Nothing screams luxury more than a private tropical pond.

11 Reflections In Water

Not all mansions need to be absolutely giant in size. Autaki's build focuses on building a large, gorgeous outdoor area with a patio and a pool or lake area of sorts. There are even little stones leading across the water.

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The house itself, however, isn't that big. It combines black and white modern styles and colors and is overall a tastefully classic yet small ultra-modern mansion. Hard to believe it has zero custom content!

This mansion, appropriately named the Pearl Mansion, was created by SimsFinest1 and posted to a forum board. The work done on this in-game structure is flawless and bold without being obnoxious.

Set against the backdrop of the sea, we can almost hear the seagulls and smell that salty air... it's too bad we all can't be Sims. With multiple layers, each glance at it brings about a new discovery: grand outdoor staircases, rooftop gardens, seaside balconies, the list goes on.

9 House Of Lavender

Lovers of plants will definitely appreciate melapples' Lavender build, a white modern mansion with a cute pond area outside, and tons of shrubbery to balance out the clean, minimalist white stone.

On the inside, it's a perfect house for a designer or an architect, or even a gardener who knows their interior decoration. Cute plants and new retro furniture create a calming and balanced atmosphere with a mix of boho and luxury.

8 A Floral Masterpiece

Some houses boast colorful siding or expansive windows while others take credit in a different way: Their flora. Each plant has been expertly placed in this instance with the goal in mind not to cover the grounds, but to fill them with life.

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An in-game house can often appear a bit dull and lifeless when it's surrounded by nothing but green and cement, but this builder found a way around that. Even the second-floor windows are adorned with stunning window boxes, filled with white flowers that compliment the house as a whole rather than take away from it. It's like living in a garden.

7 Gardens Galore With A Beautiful View

Speaking of living in gardens, how's this mansion for a flower-lover? Not only does each floor have its own arrangement outside of various windows, but the entire yard gives way to a hedge garden. While it's not the maze we find in some yards, it is quite the masterpiece.

It's bold without being in-your-face and we appreciate the unique blend of color that exists here. The pathway is a neutral brick which keeps from detracting from the overall appeal of the floral garden, making this a pleasant mansion to look at.

6 How Do You Say 'Wowza' In Simlish?

Ah... what can we possibly say about this? It's almost as if we don't know where to look first but for some reason, the eye is drawn to the randomly-placed palm trees in the front of the property. The entire thing is modern and new-aged and some players thoroughly enjoy this futuristic, sleek architecture.

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While literally, nothing matches on the exterior of the house, that doesn't seem to take away from the fact that this is a work of abstract art. Even the indoor swimming pool has somehow managed to melt into this collision of... randomness.

5 Clash Of The Patterns

There's something about mansion-building and a player's need to experiment with different textures. While the front of this mansion looks as though it's been layered with cheetah print, it's safe to assume that it's actually stonework that adorns the front.

In addition to that, we have more stonework in the back as well as wooden paneling. This makes for an interesting clash, to say the least, but let's talk about the real fact here... There's no way this mansion has less than 50 rooms.

4 Fit For A Regal Family, Complete With Fountain

We're not sure if this is a mansion or a statehouse but either way, it's borderline royalty. The mint green exterior, combined with the gold roof, makes it elegant and classy, while the evenly-spaced lawn adornment adds an air of royalty.

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It's unclear, but we're pretty sure that if there was a mayor in the world of the Sims, this would probably be his or her house. The other eye-catching thing about this mansion is the rate at which its windows are placed: Each one is symmetrical with the one above and below, as well as next to it. Now, that's some perfectionist work.

3 Are We In Venice?

It's unclear, but we're ninety-percent sure that this mansion is actually a boat. If it's not, then it certainly has a strange likeness to a steam vessel. Nautical fare aside, this house has some serious charm to it. Everything, from the color to the lights that adorn each window, is captivating and inviting.

Even the double chimneys and the miniature fountains at the base of this boat seem to be perfectly in place, even if a casual player would never think to use both. It's rare to say, 'wow, a moat looks great around that house!' but this is one case where it's the truth. All aboard!

2 Pretty Sure We've Discovered Dracula's Vacation Home

This is actually considered the 'Vampire Mansion' and for good reason... it's obviously haunted. Haunted by what, we're not sure. It's almost as if Dracula himself came back from the undead in order to claim what was rightfully his, in the form of a 20-room, ivy-covered stone fortress.

The steeple, dark wood theme, and Gothic architecture of this mansion make it a Victorian dream for those who are into that sort of thing. For those who aren't, well... steer clear of these spooks. We'd be willing to bet that a ghost could pop out of one of those windows at any minute.

1 A True Desert Oasis

Not many people would consider living in the desert of Oasis Springs but under the right housing conditions, there's a chance.

Not only does this house have a pool that's protected on all three sides, but it has plenty of shady overhangs for days when swimming isn't in the agenda for your sims. While they might not necessarily care about the heat or sunburn, they will appreciate the rooftop lounge, 360-degree glass walls, and all the plant life that surrounds them.

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Someone Made Squid Game Into A PS1 Game

Squid Game has now been recreated in Roblox, Fortnite, and also on PS1. Well, sort of.

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Build a Simple Modern House

This is a step-by-step guide on how to build a simple modern house. There are many ways to do it, and of course, many different styles to choose from, but I’ll go for a very simple one, which everyone can do quickly!

  • Lot Size
  • Pillars
  • Shape
  • Half-walls
  • Details
  • Window placement
  • Foundation and fence
  • Patio and path

Lot Size

11-29-15_7-02-09 PM

A lot of people pick the biggest lot, because you get an easy overview and plenty of space, but the design will be more fitting to the scenario if it’s the correct size. You should pick a lot-size that fits the size of the house you want to build, so if you’re building a small house, build it on a small lot (Unless you want to do heavy landscaping!)


11-29-15_7-04-29 PM

I normally start by using the roomtool to create pillars symmetrically on the lot. So here I’m going to make a simple square house as an example. For different shapes and structures, be thorough to make the pillars perpendicular to one-another, to get a safe result! -Playing around with asymmetry can be really cool, but it’s also a lot more time consuming.



When making the shape, make sure you drag from the inner corner of the pillar and over to the next one, like so:

11-29-15_7-04-46 PM

You can do it on the outside too for a more slick and clean look, but this way gives it more depth, and definitely fits  small, simple modern houses very well! Also, if you realize that you want to change the shape during, just add more pillars wherever you want, and connect the walls. Like connect the dots, with pillars!

11-29-15_7-05-14 PM

Then continue the pillars on top of the ones you’ve already made, so follow the wall all the way up each floor, and bam, you’ve got yourself a fancy box!

11-29-15_7-06-48 PM

Here you can see I’ve added two extra pillars for aesthetics and pulled the wall back one square where the door is going to be, again: Depth!


11-29-15_7-07-45 PM

Half-walls are an amazing and simple way to make details on the outside of the structure. Use the half-wall tool and drag on the outer corner of the pillars all the way around the house, and on the roof. That will also create a perfect roof to your house. Flat as flat can be!


11-29-15_7-11-41 PM
11-29-15_7-11-41 PM11-29-15_7-09-28 PM

Add exterior wall trim to the top of your walls, and half-wall trim to your outside half-walls. A good tip is to colour your house the desired colour before you do this, so you can see what your accent colour is going to be (the colour of all of your details).

Then colour the base and roof of your house in the same colour as your accent colour like so:

11-29-15_7-12-06 PM

Window placement

11-29-15_7-13-31 PM

A modern house can have many windows, or none at all! Personally I prefer lots of windows, symmetrically placed on each side of the house. I would recommend having window placement on the front of the house symmetrical, if your stairs are centered.

11-29-15_7-13-04 PM

Modern architecture often uses asymmetry with balance items or structures to make it seemingly symmetrical to the eye when it’s in fact not symmetrical at all, but I’ll come back to that in Patio and Path.

Foundation and fence

11-29-15_7-17-18 PM

Make a patio from the outer corner of your front pillars, and drag until you find it big enough. Raise it a little bit, and colour it with your accent colour.

11-29-15_7-14-46 PM11-29-15_7-14-58 PM

Add a fence you like, and pick either the accent colour, or the main colour of your house. Either will work fine!

Patio and path

11-29-15_7-30-35 PM

On this patio I’ve decided to have a pool and seating area because it looks very inviting. It also looks great on The Gallery images if you want to upload your house!

11-29-15_7-23-10 PM11-29-15_7-22-10 PM

This is an asymmetrical design, with the pool on one side, and balance objects on the other. So the pool is the main focus, and the seating area is the balance.  I’ve put a plant in each corner of the seating area to “frame it”, so it follows my square and edge-focused design. I’ve also given the furniture a different colour to make it pop, a softer brown works well with black and white. For a more quirky and extreme look you can play with strong neon colours. Playing with colours is fun!

11-29-15_7-29-23 PM

The path I made with carpets, and I’ve chosen the main colour of the house to create contrast. This is a straight simple path, but it’s also quite fun to play around and make curvy paths like this:

11-29-15_7-25-13 PM

Do some gardening, maybe add some fountains and your house should be done!


And there you have it: A simple modern structure!

MODERN COTTAGE FARMHOUSE ~ Curb Appeal Recreation: Sims 4 Speed Build (No CC)

15 The Sims 4 Mansions That Are Too Unreal

As the ultimate life simulator, The Sims 4 has graced our computer screens for almost twenty years. First released in the year 2000, The Sims revolutionized life simulators. Nearly two decades later, The Sims has managed to expand its design tools, add more objects and items, and drastically improve its gameplay. When the original game released, players were limited to their lot. The journey ended quickly, but it was clear that the development company Maxis had a hit on their hands.

With cheats to add a nearly infinite amount of Simoleons (The Sims cash), anyone can build a mansion. The following The Sims 4 mansions are some of the most creative designs we've ever seen. These are 10 The Sims 4 mansions that are too unreal.

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Updated on April 12th, 2021 by Anastasia Maillot: If there's one thing that's keeping The Sims franchise alive, it's the game's many devoted and incredibly talented fans. Through mods that change everything about the game and beautiful creations, Simmers have been able to keep enjoying the franchise even as EA's content has failed to deliver as of recent.

Builders in particular are the cornerstone of the game's community. Thanks to how advanced the building features are in The Sims 4, gorgeous mansions like these are perfectly possible to make. Here's just five more great mansion builds that any Sim would be lucky to live in.

15 Taylor Swift's Rhode Island Abode

The real world has always served as a cool inspiration for builders, especially the houses of celebrities that everyone tends to be envious of. Taylor Swift's incredible Rhode Island abode actually served as the main inspiration for this breathtaking Sulani mansion built by GralieMonster.

The builder even provides a cool side by side comparison of the two homes to showcase just how close they are to one another, and the results speak for themselves. Now, all that's missing is a Taylor Swift lookalike Sim.

14 Athlete's Luxury Home

It's not just singers who have lavish homes, but athletes as well. This Reddit user chose to create a mansion that specifically caters to a famous athlete Sim who's had an incredibly successful career and can now afford this 4 bedroom and 7 bathroom home on the hills of Del Sol Valley.

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The gardens are especially beautiful in the build, and the cool part is the grassy sports court located on the left side of the home, ideal for some casual training for any athletic Sims. Living in a place like this is guaranteed to feel like a vacation all year round.

13 The Very First Mansion

Looking at this classic mansion with a mix of European style and modern architecture, one would imagine that the creator of this build has plenty of experience when it comes to making mansions. However, Losieee from Reddit says this is their first attempt at a larger mansion build.

The cool part about this build is how classic yet modern it looks at the same time, with a hint of Mediterranean style mixed in. It's clearly both a home and a vacation spot, and a perfect abode for any self-respecting wealthy Sim.

12 Victorian Vintage Mansion

Let's go back to something a bit more classic yet unique-looking builds, such as this quirky yet gorgeous vintage-style Victorian mansion. Most Victorian mansions tend to have a very dark, creepy and haunted look, so it's actually nice to see brighter and more colorful versions like this by MissUnfortunateYT.

The style of this mansion really screams Winchester mystery house. It could easily still be haunted, but it could also just be a really beautiful family-friendly Victorian home for a legacy household to move in. The details and decorations are absolutely spot on.

11 Gingerbread Dream

At the time of this update it might not be the season for Christmas, but this mansion was simply too good to ignore. Few builders set out to accomplish something as ambitious as MissUnfortunateYT, who created a real life-size gingerbread mansion for Christmas-loving Sims.

RELATED: Sims 4: Most Breathtaking Castles On The Gallery

The best part about this build has to be the fact that absolutely not custom content was used to make it. It's hard to believe, given all the small details that have gone into creating something so whimsical it may as well have been pulled straight out of Whoville.

10 Oh, Snap! It's Got A Basketball Court

This mansion's lot is as large as some gated communities. Whoever lives in this home could be an executive of a Fortune 500 company or a professional athlete like hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. Giant fountains, a pool, a basketball court; this place has it all.

There is even what appears to be two guest houses in the back, as well as a greenhouse. Even from this distance, the mansion looks magnificent. The mahogany stucco, combined with sharp fascias is an endearing touch to the home.

9 The Garden Of Tranquility

The outdoor pool has steps to give people the impression of walking on water. It seems doubtful that people would dare to walk across the steps because of the risk of falling in the water.

To guess, the mansion has a Swedish design. An outdoor fire pit surrounded by a royal garden is contemporary design at its finest. This is one mind-boggling home we won't soon forget.

8 Is This Mansion From Scarface?

The Sims 4 is the ultimate life simulator. It appeals to a broad audience because of its emphasis on realism and creative design tools. The Sims 4's design tools are becoming so practical that soon, engineers and architects might use The Sims 4's suite to generate concepts.

A driveway with a fountain in the middle, two covered patios on each side, and a massive mansion with a breathtaking exterior makes this mansion unreal. Credit goes to YouTube creator Yorkie for this beautiful The Sims 4 mansion.

7 The White House

This would be the perfect home to live in during the summertime. Small touches like animal-shaped bushes and a pool make this an exceptional home design. The balcony would be the perfect place to visit in the morning. Perhaps it would be improved with a chessboard or telescope for Sims.

RELATED: 10 Things We Can Expect From The Sims 4 Moschino Stuff Pack

It is possible this photo is of the back of the mansion since there is no visible driveway. Judging by the lack of outdoor objects like a barbeque, however, it appears to be the front. Thanks, @mementosims for this mansion design!

6 What A Lovely Mansion!

Since, of course, it has a high price tag, the realtor in charge of selling this home would have their work cut out for them. It's a beautiful home, but it's likely the creator of this house didn't work long hours to make this mansion. They must have used cheats to gain simoleons.

It's a beautiful home fit for most families and isn't too extravagant in a gaudy fashion. The fountain could have been more centralized to allow cars to drive around it, but aside from that, not many bad things can be said about this The Sims 4 mansion.

5 Mansion, Or Castle?

Although it is a mansion with a moat surrounding the lot, it looks more like a castle. This is the type of exotic home you might see in a European country. The design is elegant but lacks prudence. In The Sims 4, this mansion is a hit, yet it wouldn't work in the real world because of draining issues.

The house would likely collapse due to an excess of water accumulating in the midsection. The design is beautiful and is something worth aspiring to in The Sims 4, but not in real life.

4 A Quaint Mansion Fit For Anyone

In the foreground, we can see a gate that is accompanied by a vintage car. In the background, we see two people sitting on a patio that overlooks a pool. The Sims 4 mansions come in various shapes and sizes.

RELATED: The Sims 4: Every Neighborhood, Ranked

This mansion has what looks like gothic architecture that is resplendent in every way. Palm trees accompany this home fit for any family. Like most The Sims 4 mansions, it has a fountain in the driveway. It's a luxury that only few can afford.

3 The Sims 4 Pet Mansion

Thank you for providing this awe-inspiring home. Its large porch is a great first impression of the home. People who visit this mansion might be taken aback by its white and grey exterior.

Cleaning this mansion would be an arduous task, but at least the exterior of homes in The Sims 4 do not get dirty. We would love to see more photos of this pet mansion. If it is as lovely on the inside as it is on the outside, it will be a magnificent mansion.

2 It's A Symmetrical Home... Sort Of

Putting aside the long row structure beside the main part of the house, it is close to being symmetrical. Asymmetry is common with mansions due to their size. Sometimes, the land won't allow for a symmetrical home, among other reasons.

The pool in the back, which is massive, also is symmetrical. Most details of this house say that it was designed for function rather than artistic value. The Sims 4 is a great game that allows you to build a customized house whether it is symmetrical, asymmetrical, or totally whimsical.

1 Luxurious Home With A Stylish Exterior

The contemporary design of this mansion is cause for inspiration. The design is smart, to say the least. A pool with see-through walls makes it stand out from the other pools in this list. Like many mansion designs in this list, white is a standard color.

Its sundeck is ideal for those starry nights where you can bask in the moonlight and enjoy cuisine off the barbeque. This home has at least three floors, and it wouldn't be surprising if it has a basement suite, giving it four levels.

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Twitch Streamer xQc Gets Scared After Seeing Man in His Window While Streaming

Twitch streamer and former Dallas Fuel Overwatch player, xQc, becomes visibly alarmed when he sees a man outside his window during a Minecraft stream.

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CELEBRITY MODERN MANSION w/ Rounded Aquarium - The Sims 4 (Speed Build - Part 2) - No CC

The Sims 4: Top 20 Best House Ideas to Inspire You

Are you playing the Sims 4 and trying to find inspiration for your next home? Well, we have a list of amazing and inspirational houses for you to check out that should help you figure out your next building project. Here are some of the best Sims 4 house ideas to get you inspired!

Pokemon Sword and Shield-Inspired

If you’re a fan of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, then you might notice that this location looks oddly familair. That’s because it is a remodel of Hop and Leon’s house in the Galar region and the recreation is simply spot-on!

This could inspre you to create other iconic locations friom the Pokemon franchise or just from other video game series.

Modern Dream

the sims 4 house ideas

Don’t you love admiring these gorgeous houses from across the street while wlaking around a fancy neightbhood? Well, this design idea should give you the motivation the make your own modern dream home, maybe one with a see through pool!

Make sure to use mostly all white for the walls and roofing and you also need to make sure that the pool is able to be seen from the front, since that’s the most important thing.

Yacht House

Going on cruises for family vacation and yachts for partying are some of the most fun that you can have on a boat, but what if your house was actually a yacht of its own?

You can invite people over every frisay night for some drinks and gambling or just keep it all foryourself and gloat to your neighbors and friends.

Winter Vacation Lodge

This Winter Vacation Lodge is an absolutely terrific design idea for those looking for a fancy place to live in during the harsh winter snow. You can place wooden benches in the back, fire pits all over, and you definitely need to have some pine trees, becuase they look awesome covered in snow.

Lake House

OK, so this isn’t your typical lake house but it is a house with a man-made lake in front of it so I’m calling it a lake house.

This tropical house idea for The Sims looks absolutely relaxing and seems like the best place to just kick back and have a martini with some friends. Not sure if that lake is okay to swim in but if so, get those trunks ready.

Backyard Gazebo

gazabo, sims 4, house ideas

If your backyard is feeling a little bare, then adding a gazebo will make it feel more detailed and is a nice yard alternative to the classic pool and deck look. In terms of yard spaces, this home will definitely stand as one of the best Sims 4 house ideas to look at.

All you will really need to do is choose the hexagon shape size with the custom room tool, add a slight foundation to lift it off the ground, add a fence, posts, and roof if you desire, and then lawn furniture and flowers to decorate it further.

For a detailed walkthrough on how to make a gazebo in the Sims 4, check out a step-by-step tutorial here.

Loft Apartment

sims 4, loft apartment, house ideas

To make the most out of small areas, turn a boring one story house into a cozy loft apartment like one seen above.

By only building a portion of the second floor and connecting it to the first floor with a curving staircase, your sim will feel like they are the star of their own 20-something sitcom in the big city.

Other decorating items that look great with this floor layout are tons of artwork and shelves, a bunch of plants, and a single brick wall like all the best lofts in New York seem to have.

Not to mention if your sim can only afford a small plot of land at the beginning of your game, this is the best way to make a cheaper sized house look more expensive.

Art Studio

art studio, sims 4, house ideas

If you made a sim with the creativity aspiration, then you are going to want to build them a huge art studio to work in so they can perfect their craft. With art studios, the more cluttered it is the more real it will look.

Make sure to put a bunch of canvases on the floor and tons of paintings and art pieces on the wall so your sim looks like they’ve been busy trying out a bunch of different styles.

As well, floor lights facing easels will look realistic and give the room a cozy vibe, and make sure to place an end table beside the easel as well so it looks like your sim has a space to keep their brushes and paint water.

A nice final touch would be to add a work desk right in the middle of the room, so it doesn’t look too empty with just easels and canvases hanging around the outside.

What’s really fun about this room is the more your sim paints and the better they get, the more original paintings you have to fill the walls and really make it feel like your own.

Cozy Places From TV and Movies

sims 4, friends, house ideas

If you are having trouble coming up with homes on your own, a fun challenge is to copy homes and apartments from your favorite TV shows and movies and try to match them as closely as you can with the Sims 4 items catalog.

Whether its Monica’s apartment from Friends as seen above, the Dunder Mifflin office from The Office, Walter White’s house from Breaking Bad, or even the bar from Cheers, if you love a show or movie then have some fun trying to copy its place as close as you can.

What logically comes after is you making all the characters from the show and creating your own scripted episodes with them in their copied buildings.


sims 4, house boat, house ideas

Although you can’t actually build a houseboat that really floats on the water, you can craft something that looks close so you can feel just like the Sea Captain on The Simpsons.

After building a house that is in the shape of a boat with a pointed bow and flat stern, add some outside details like circular windows, ship wheels, air conditioner units, and a pool that comes up right to the side of the house so it looks like it’s on water.

What’s fun about this build is you can then stay on theme with all of the insides of the houseboat, decorating everything with a nautical feel.

Underwater House

underwater house, sims 4, house ideas

By turning your lot into a giant swimming pool, you can make a house in the center with a basement that’s actually submerged underwater.

To have the full aquarium effect, put huge windows on all the walls so when your sim in down there they can see right out into the water.

Place items like statues and pillars under the water as well will give them more to look at and make it feel more detailed when you look out. For a detailed explanation on how exactly to make a basement house in water, check out this walkthrough here.

Floating House

To add a bit more “whimsy” to your build, why not make your house floating in the air? To do this simply have a series of staircases leading up to your house, and delete the foundation once you have done the next level.

This will make your house look like it is floating in the air when really the game just thinks its a few extra stories high. Adding a lake or pond underneath is a fun extra touch, sort of like a protective moat around a castle.

To get the exact floating house design seen above, you can find it on the Sims 4 gallery here.

Refurbished Barnhouse

A popular thing interior decorators like to do in the real world, creating a barn that looks likes it has been redone into a house is a fun and challenging build if you’re bored of the same old houses.

You then have the option to decorate all around the house with pond, plants and more to make the yard really look like it was once a farm.

A fun way to do this is to take an actual barn build from the Sims 4 gallery and then redecorate it to look more like a house. That way, it feels more like a building that was renovated than a farmhouse that kind of also looks like a barn.

Rooftop Pool

rooftop pool

Sure you could build your pool in the yard like every other Sims 4 house out there, or you could give your sims a fancy rooftop pool for all their cocktail parties and romantic dates they have planned.

You can place a pool inside of a room or house regardless of if there is any foundation, but pools cannot be stacked on top of each other to make them deeper.

Therefore, your rooftop pool will have to be the only one in that location if it is a two story house, or have a level in-between it if you have a pool under it on the first level.

You can also place windows on walls with pools, and if you opt to not have a fence or half wall around the outside of the pool, it can have a really cool infinity pool affect like seen above.

Compact Houses

Need some tiny Sims 4 house ideas? In a less is more mentality, try and build a house that’s relatively small but could have everything in it a sim could every need.

Tiny kitchen, minimal bathroom, single bed, maybe a bookcase for some entertainment, trying to fit as much as you can into a small space will be a fun change of pace from any basic or mansion-sized houses you may be used to making.

Matching a theme while also trying to do this is fun as well, like the minimal boho house seen above that really makes you picture the earth-loving, eco-friendly sim who might live in it.

Hobbit Village

If you’re a fan of The Lord of the Rings or just the Hobbit series, then this type of property is just for you. If you want to make your dream cottages, make sure to use lots of greenery –having flowers, lily pads, pools of water, and round windows are a must.

These hobbit houses are known for being particularly tiny, but it would be a good idea to separate the bedrooms into several different smaller houses of their own.

Once you get the hang of creating your own Hobbit houses, why not create an entire town based on The Lord of the Rings? That would be something worth bragging about.

Sweet Homes

I am getting a very painful cavity by just looking at this sweet gingerbread and Christmas-themed home in the Sims 4.

No, the house isn’t edible as that would not be a very terrible living situation, but you can be the star of the neighborhood and build your own holiday-themed property.

By using a brown, cookie-colored style, you can make your home look like a huge edible house, and thanks to all of the decorations available to you, you can celebrate Christmas any time of the year.

Fancy Home

Have you ever wanted to feel above everyone else? Well, let’s get you inspired and ready to build. This fancy home sits above a lively lake with lily pads, flowers, and gorgeous marble statues for the neighbors to gawk at.

The beautiful staircase brings you into the home and looks like the perfect setting to have some tea and crumpets.

If you want to try to build something like this, just think about what’s under the house instead of what’s inside of it. This home isn’t too elevated over the lake, but you can always go crazy and make a home that’s super high over a body of water.

Try using multiple staircases or ladders or something to raise it up above everyone else in the culdesac.

Modern House

I love walking past beautiful modern homes around big cities. The huge windows and symmetrical shapes always make these styles of homes look amazing from the outside.

You can see the entirety of the home from the outside, so you need to make sure that the inside is just as aesthetically pleasing.

Try using white, grey, and black colors when making a modern home like this one right here. Also, make sure to use huge squared windows without any curtains.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a home such as this one, you can live out your best life right now in the Sims 4.

Jungle Home

the sims 4

Being in the hustle and bustle of the city can get quite overwhelming, so why not build your perfect home in the middle of a jungle full of cool animals and calming rivers.

It might be hard to invite other people to your place, but it will be worth it. Imagine having to take a boat to get to the entrance of your place? It would be super secretive and hidden from wandering eyes.

Grab a whole bunch of foliage and you will be good to go!

Those were just a few of the best Sims 4 house ideas out there, so make sure to check out the gallery after seeing this and having a look for yourself!


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You'll be amazed at how gorgeous this tiny home look and how precise the selection of appliances to fit the small space available inside.

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