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Application Review Process

First-year applicants will be reviewed in a selective, holistic admission process. Our review includes consideration of the following factors:

Application Document Submission

We strongly recommend electronic document submission whenever possible. Review the Document Submission page for more details.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Georgia Tech undergraduates receive more than $ million in need and merit-based aid. The priority filing date to be considered for need-based aid is January The best place to start exploring your options, determine what you're eligible for, and learn how to begin applying for financial aid is the step-by-step guides created by Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA):

Additional Information

Admissions Office Contact Information:

Mailing Address: (This is not a GPS address)
Georgia Institute of Technology
Uncle Heinie Way
Atlanta, GA  



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What’s Covered:

If you’re looking for a mid-sized university with competitive admissions, an emphasis on technology, and an exciting football program, Georgia Tech may be the perfect fit for you.

Georgia Tech is a public university located in Atlanta, Georgia. In this post, we’ll outline everything you should know about being an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech—from extracurriculars to traditions, as well as crucial information about the admissions process.

Overview of Georgia Tech Admissions

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Undergrad Enrollment: 16,

Acceptance Rate: 21%

Middle 50% SAT:

Middle 50% ACT:

The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is a public school in Atlanta, Georgia, with a selective admissions process.

When making admissions decisions, Georgia Tech places significant importance on a student’s: 

  • Course rigor in high school
  • Academic GPA
  • Application essay
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Character
  • Volunteer work
  • Work experience
  • Level of interest

Georgia Tech requires students to submit an ACT or SAT score; however, the essay component of either test is not required.

Although Georgia Tech does not offer an early decision plan, the university does offer an early action plan that closes October 18 for Georgia residents and November 1 for out-of-state residents. Students who apply during early action have a 28% acceptance rate—which is significantly higher than the average acceptance rate of 21%.

It is also more likely for Georgia residents to be accepted to Georgia Tech than out-of-state students—nearly 38% of in-state students are selected versus 16% of out-of-state students.

The regular admissions deadline for the school year is January 5. Students can apply using the Common Application and will be required to submit a supplemental essay.

Learn more about Georgia Tech and see your chances of acceptance.

Unique Aspects of Georgia Tech


Georgia Tech is ranked within the top ten public universities in the United States and is the South’s largest engineering and industrial research agency.

The university offers over technology-focused undergraduate majors and minors that span across six colleges and 28 schools. The colleges include:

  • The Scheller College of Business
  • The College of Computing
  • The College of Design
  • The College of Engineering
  • The Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
  • The College of Sciences

Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business and College of Engineering are both highly ranked. Georgia Tech is very active in government and industry research, and their research plays a vital role in the Georgia Research Alliance, which impacts Georgia’s economic development strategy.

Engineering is the most popular major at Georgia Tech, with more than 50% of undergraduate students pursuing an engineering degree. The second most popular majors are Computer and Information Sciences and Business Administration. 

Georgia Tech also offers ample opportunities for students to complete their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in accelerated programs, specifically in the College of Liberal Arts and College of Engineering. These degrees include:

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Computational Media and Digital Media
  • International Affairs
  • Public Policy
  • Literature, Media, Communication and Digital Media

Notable faculty at Georgia Tech include Annie Antón, who President Barack Obama selected to serve as one of the 12 members on the Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, and Mostafa A. El-Sayed, who won the Priestley Medal in for his decades of contributions to chemistry research.


Georgia Tech offers plenty of opportunities for students to connect outside the classroom. The university offers over student-run organizations, 56 Greek organizations, and 13 honor societies. Georgia Tech also has an award-winning Campus Recreation Center, 43 club sports, and over guided adventure trips every year.

Georgia Tech plays NCAA Division I sports as a part of the ACC. Their 17 men’s and women’s teams are called the “Yellow Jackets.” Georgia Tech’s football team is the most popular at the university and has won four national championships. They were also the first team to win The Rose Bowl, The Orange Bowl, The Sugar Bowl, and The Cotton Bowl.

Georgia Tech also emphasizes the importance of interworking art and technology. They offer nearly 40 student-led arts programs and 28 academic programs that blend technology and art.

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Fall First-Year Students

Tech Tower

Financial aid can help make college more affordable. We encourage all incoming students to apply for financial aid. You should file as early as you can to maximize your potential aid opportunities. By applying for financial aid, you're automatically considered for all need-based aid. You will need to reapply for financial aid every year.

Application Steps

Prospective first-year students admitted to start in Fall should apply for financial aid by completing the following aid applications:

If you wish to receive funds from any federal, state, or institutional sources for the fall semester, you must complete the Georgia Tech Application for Scholarships and Financial Aid (GT APP).

Please Note: Students who have been awarded funds from outside/private scholarships must also complete a GT App so that the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) may determine the proper disbursement schedule for your funds.

Items Needed
You will need a GT Account username and password to login to OSCAR to access the form. To activate your GT account, visit

Submit the GT App

In addition to the GT App, if you wish to be considered for Federal Aid or need-based institutional funds, you must also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using your tax information. OSFA uses the FASFA to determine whether you qualify for federal, state, or institutional funds that carry a financial need component.

Please note: Georgia residents who wish to apply for the HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship ONLY may complete the Georgia Student Financial Aid Application (GSFAPPS) form instead of the FAFSA. The GT App is also required.

Items Needed

  • Georgia Tech's Title IV school code:
  • Your social security number and, if you are a dependent student, your parents’ social security numbers.
  • Your driver’s license number if you have one, or Alien Registration number if you are not a U.S. citizen.
  • Federal tax information or tax returns from two years prior including IRS W-2 information, for you (and your spouse, if you are married), and for your parents if you are a dependent student.
  • If you are selected for verification, you will need to provide the specific documentation requested based on academic year and your dependency status. Financial aid awards are not final and will not be disbursed until the verification process is complete.

FAFSA processing can take up to 3 – 5 business days after completion.

Submit the FAFSA

College Board’s CSS Profile is an online application for non-federal student financial aid. This application is only required for incoming first-year students who want to be considered for need-based assistance from Georgia Tech institutional funds. The CSS Profile is NOT required for students applying for Federal funds only, HOPE/Zell Miller Scholarship only, or those who do not want to be considered for institutional funds.

Please note: The CSS Profile application cannot be accepted after the priority deadline on January

Items Needed

  • College Board username and password or sign up for a new account.
  • Georgia Tech's CSS code:
  • Most recently completed tax returns.
  • W-2 forms and other records of current year income, as well as records of untaxed income and benefits if applicable.
  • Assets and bank statements.

Review the CSS Profile Student Guide for additional information and tips.

Submit the CSS Profile

The Georgia Student Financial Aid Application (GSFAPPS) is the state aid application for Georgia residents who want to be considered for the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship ONLY. You do NOT need to complete the GSFAPPS if you are applying for federal financial aid and submitting the FAFSA. To be considered for the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship, you must also complete the GT App.

Submit the GSFAPPS

Important Dates and Deadlines

All financial aid applications become available on October 1.

The priority filing date to be considered for need-based aid awarded through Georgia Tech’s OSFA is January 31.

To be considered an “on-time” financial aid applicant, all applicable aid applications listed above, as well as any requested documentation, must be received and complete by January OSFA will continue to accept late applications and documentation after the priority date, however, we strongly encourage all applicants to submit their completed applications and documentation as soon as possible so we can determine your eligibility for other types of aid.

Next Steps

Learn about the financial aid award process, including information on how aid is determined, instructions for accepting your awards, and more!

The Award Process

Next Steps

Admitted to the Summer Term?

Since the Summer semester is part of the academic year, the applications above do not cover the upcoming summer term. If you wish to apply for financial aid for the Summer semester, you must complete the summer first-year aid applications separately, along with any other supplemental documentation requested.

Apply for Summer Aid

MS in US: How to get an Admission in Georgia tech University (2019) -- University review series

Georgia Tech scholarships, student loans and grants

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With annual costs running close to $30, for in-state students, Georgia Tech is one of the less-expensive colleges out there. It also isn’t bad for out-of-state students, even though it costs nearly twice as much. However, it doesn’t have as many financial aid resources as you might find at schools with a higher price tag.

What do you want to read about first?

How much does it cost to go to Georgia Tech?

Room and board$12,$12,
Books and supplies$$
Other expenses$3,$3,
Total for the academic year$28,$49,

As you can see, the cost of attendance (COA) at Georgia Tech goes beyond tuition and fees to include housing, meal plans and other expenses that come with being a student in Atlanta. How much you pay depends on whether you’re an in-state or out-of-state student.

What’s the average student debt load for Georgia Tech students?

Georgia Tech students typically graduate with an average federal student debt load of $23,, according to the Department of Education. You can cut down on your out-of-pocket cost by taking advantage of scholarships, grants and other gift aid.

Does Georgia Tech offer a tuition payment plan?

Yes. Georgia Tech offers a payment plan that allows you to hold off on paying up to 50% of your current semester’s tuition and fees. The program involves paying off the balance in two monthly installments, with the first one due around 30 days after classes start. The remaining amount is due 60 days after classes begin.

It costs $75 to enroll in the payment program. You also might have to make a down payment to register for the program. You can sign up for the payment plan through the Georgia Tech Bill Payment Suite.

Georgia Tech scholarships and grants

Georgia Tech offers several scholarship and grant programs to reduce how much you have to borrow to pay for school. Grants are available based on financial need, while scholarships are available based on need and merit. You can only use your grants or scholarships to cover two of the three semesters per academic year: fall, spring or summer.

You can apply by filling out the Georgia Tech Application for Scholarships and Financial Aid (GT App), the FAFSA and the CSS Profile by Georgia Tech’s priority filing deadline: January 31st.

Georgia Tech Grant

AmountVaries depending on financial need and available funds
Eligibility requirements

To qualify for the Georgia Tech Grant, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Maintain at least a cumulative and semester GPA

All Georgia Tech students are considered for this need-based grant when they apply for financial aid. You can use this grant to cover up to eight semesters of courses. Transfer students can also qualify for this grant in some cases, depending on how many credits you transfer.

Dean’s Grant

AmountVaries depending on your financial aid package
Eligibility requirements

You must meet the following requirements to qualify for the Dean’s Grant:

  • Undergraduate student
  • Enrolled full-time in the College of Sciences or Ivan Allen College
  • No previous bachelor’s degree
  • Maintain a GPA or higher after receiving the grant
  • Maintain good academic standing
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress

The Dean’s Grants are based on financial need and available to students attending the Georgia Tech College of Sciences or Ivan Allen College. While you must meet the minimum requirements for satisfactory academic progress to receive the grant, you have to keep up a GPA or higher after getting the grant to remain eligible. And it’s only available for up to eight semesters.

G. Wayne Clough Georgia Tech Promise Program

AmountUp to % of financial need in combination with a $2, annual work-study job — for up to eight semesters
Eligibility requirements

You must meet the following criteria to qualify for this program:

  • Incoming first-year student
  • Graduate of an accredited Georgia high school
  • Georgia resident
  • Eligible for federal student aid
  • Eligible for either Georgia HOPE Or Zell Miller scholarships
  • Submit the FAFSA, CSS Profile and GT App by required deadlines
  • Maintain at least a GPA
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress
  • Stay enrolled full time

Your parents must also meet the following requirements:

  • Georgia residents
  • Filed US federal and Georgia state tax returns for the FAFSA base year
  • Less than $33, household income and assets

This need-based scholarship and work-study program covers full financial need for Georgia residents. You must be an incoming first-year student to apply and attend several enrichment activities, such as a new student retreat and one-on-one meetings with a financial aid staff member. You also need to submit a Georgia Tech financial aid application on top of the FAFSA and CSS Profile to be considered.

Godbold Family Foundation Scholarship

AmountUp to % of financial need in combination with a $2, annual work-study job — for up to eight semesters
Eligibility requirements

You must meet the following criteria to qualify for this scholarship:

  • Incoming first-year student
  • Resident of South Carolina, Florida, North Carolina or Tennessee
  • SAT score or higher (math and verbal scores only)
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • Meet application and financial aid deadlines

Similar to the G. Wayne Clough Georgia Tech Promise Program, this need-based scholarship and work-study program covers up to % of financial need. The main difference is that it’s available to residents of nearby states, rather than students from Georgia. Preference goes to students whose expected family contribution (EFC) is less than half the cost of attendance.

BlackRock Hallac Scholarship

AmountFull cost of attendance for up to three years
Eligibility requirements

You must meet the following requirements to qualify for this scholarship:

  • Incoming second-year student
  • GPA or higher
  • Demonstrated financial need

Students at the College of Engineering and the College of Computing get preference, as do women and underrepresented minorities.

Each year, two students receive this full-ride scholarship funded by public asset management firm BlackRock. It’s a need- and merit-based scholarship for STEM students who show innovative thinking. Scholars also get help finding a paid internship during the summer after their second year and receive a paid internship at BlackRock between their third and fourth year of school.

Provost Scholarship

AmountThe non-resident portion of tuition for up to eight semesters
Eligibility requirements

You must meet the following requirements to qualify for this scholarship:

  • Incoming first-year student
  • Out-of-state student
  • Extraordinary academic achievement
  • Outstanding leadership skills
  • Maintain a GPA or higher

Georgia Tech’s Provost Scholarship is a merit-based tuition waiver for 40 incoming first-year students from out of state. Like with most other grants and scholarships at Georgia Tech, you don’t need to submit a separate application. The committee will notify you if you’ve been selected within two weeks of receiving your admissions decision.

Georgia Tech Alumni Association scholarships

Eligibility requirementsVaries depending on the scholarship — many are available based on residency, ethnicity, gender identification or your family’s employment history.

The Georgia Tech Alumni Association offers a range of scholarships available to most Georgia Tech students. These scholarships require a separate application that’s due on January 25th the year before you need the funds. You’re eligible to apply as soon as you’ve submitted your application — even if you haven’t gotten your acceptance letter. You can apply through the Georgia Tech Alumni Association’s website.

  • Here are a few more scholarships and grants available to Georgia Tech students:

    • Stamps President’s Scholars Program
    • Goizueta Foundation Scholarship
    • Scheller College of Business Dean’s and Faculty Merit Scholarships
    • School of Economics Undergraduate Scholarships
    • Georgia Student Finance Commission Minority Scholarship for Engineering Education Loan Program (MSEE)
    • Athletic scholarships

    You might also qualify for additional scholarships available through your department. Reach out to your departmental adviser for more details.

  • In addition to the scholarship programs mentioned above, Georgia Tech students might also be eligible for one of the following endowment scholarships. The financial aid office selects candidates for these scholarships, so there’s no need to apply.

    Behrooz L. Abdi Scholarship
    Martha and William Adams Scholarship
    Diana B. and Jack E. Addams Scholarship
    John Inzer Alford, Sr. Scholarship
    Grant Edwards Allen Endowment
    Marion E. Allen Scholarship
    Deana B. and William H. Allen Scholarship
    Andrews Family Scholarship
    Dave and Carrie Armento Scholarship
    Ben Kay and Anna Parker Armstrong Scholarship
    David J. Arnold Memorial Scholarship
    The Robert O. Arnold Scholarship
    Association of Old Crows Scholarship/Dixie Crow Chapter
    AT&T SE Employees Scholarship
    Sonia M. and Joaquin E. Bacardi Scholarship
    Frank M Bacon Scholarship
    David and Jennifer Bailey Scholarship
    Lawrence Dennis Ballou Scholarship
    Don C. Banks Memorial Scholarship
    Barksdale Scholarship/Fellowship Fund
    Grace H. Barnes and Ewell I. Barnes Scholarship
    Henry J Barnes Memorial Scholarship
    Eugene O. Batson Scholarship
    Warren L Batts Co Op Scholarship
    Ron and Rebecca Beal Scholarship
    Jeana F. and R. Clinton Beeland Jr. Scholarship
    Loretta and Thomas Bell scholarship
    W. Hagood Bellinger Scholarship
    Bernard Bellon Scholarship
    Marcus C Bennett Scholarship
    Everett Bernado Scholarship
    F. & D. Birkett Scholarship
    Roger Chisolm Bisher Scholarship
    A.D. Black Scholarship
    Estelle Z. Blalock Scholarship
    Blount Endowed Scholarship
    Blumer Family Legacy Scholarship
    Boatright Family Scholarship
    Jeni S. and Jeffrey P. Bogdan Scholarship
    William L Bonnell Company, Inc. Scholarship
    Cynthia Bossart and James Efron Scholarship
    Guy R. Bostain Memorial Scholarship
    Norman Ernest Boswell Memorial Scholarship
    Henry and Margaret Bourne Scholarship Fund
    Joseph B Browder Scholarship
    Boyd-McCord Scholarship
    Pamela P. and Hoke S. Brannen Jr. Scholarship
    H. Francis Brantley Scholarship
    Haskew H. Brantley Jr. Scholarship
    Samuel P. Bratton Scholarship

    Kevin F Brennan Scholarship
    Charles Bickerstaff Scholarship
    John Brock Scholarship
    Arthur Dean Brook Scholarship
    Helen Gay Brooks and John G. Brooks Scholarship
    Broward County Florida Scholarship
    Lt Tyler Brown Scholarship
    Paul J. Brown Family Scholarship
    Kenneth H. Brown Free Enterprise Scholarship
    Brown Stove Works, Inc. Free Enterprise Scholarship
    John H Brownlee Memorial Scholarship
    George P. Burdell Scholarship
    Joyce and Glenn Burdick Scholarship
    Burks Family Scholarship
    Dr. Robert Burnett Scholarship
    John H Burnett Scholarship
    Steve and Lynn Bussey Scholarship
    John T. Butler Family Scholarship
    Brook Byers Scholarship
    John A. & Joyce K. Caddell/Caddell Construction Co. Scholarship
    Robert Burton Caldwell Scholarship
    Fuller E. Callaway Fund
    Josephine C. and James M. Cantrell Scholarship
    Sam Carastro Family Scholarship
    George Carey Scholarship
    Tommy Carlisle Scholarship
    Carpet Industry Scholarship
    William E. Carroll Scholarship
    David Voigt Carswell Memorial Scholarship
    Jean and John Carter Scholarship
    Gene H. Cates Memorial Scholarship
    James R. Chalker Scholarship
    Chapman-Pentecost Memorial Scholarship
    Chick-Fil-A Scholarship
    Virginia C Clanton Scholarship
    Class of Scholarship
    Class of Twenty-fifth Reunion Scholarship
    Class of Fund
    Class of Scholarship
    Class of Scholarship
    Class of Scholarship
    Class of Scholarship
    Class of Scholarship
    Class of Scholarship
    Class of Student Access Scholarship
    Class of Scholarship
    Class of Scholarship
    Class of Scholarship
    Class of Scholarship
    Dr Lorimer Clayton, Jr and Anne Rosselot Clayton Williams Scholarship

    Howard and Julia Clements Scholarship
    Paul N. Clemmons Scholarship
    Jack and Lillian Clift Scholarship
    Bessie and Dan Clough Scholarship
    G. Wayne Clough Tech Promise Scholarship
    G. Wayne Clough Tech Promise Scholarship
    William N Clyatt Scholarship
    Alfred D. Cobb Scholarship
    Coca Cola Scholarship
    Mary and Jess Coker Scholarship
    Ross K. Colquhoun Scholarship
    Julia A. and Merrill C. Cook Jr. Scholarship
    Alice S. Coon Scholarship
    Ann and Ralph Cooper Scholarship
    Alton M. Costley Scholarship
    Margaret and Alton Costley Memorial Fund
    Sarah M. Cover Scholarship
    Clifford A Cowles Scholarship
    William S. Cox III Scholarship
    Hugh Barrett Coyle Scholarship
    Thomas M. Craig Scholarship
    Cravey, Green & Wahlen Scholarship
    C Edward Crawford Scholarship
    John Patrick Crecine Scholarship
    Argyle Crockett Jr Scholarship
    Crowder Family Fund
    Richard M. Cureton Scholarship
    Bob and Ed Curry Scholarship
    Dr. Thomas Curry Memorial Scholarship
    Cut Out Hunger Inc Scholarship
    Dailey/Smith Family Scholarship
    Cpt. William F. Daniel, Jr. Scholarship
    L.N. Dantzler Endowed Scholarship
    Danyluk Scholarship
    Dash Family Scholarship
    Joseph B Davidson Scholarship
    Horace E. Davis Scholarship
    Phillip W. Davis Scholarship
    Paul R. A. Davoli Memorial Scholarship
    Joseph H. Dean Memorial Scholarship
    Gregory and Margaret Dess Scholarhip
    John Benton Dickey Memorial Scholarship
    Sheree J. and Robert L. Dixon, Jr. Scholarship
    Stephen Marshall Dixon Memorial Scholarship
    Debbie Dlugolenski-Alford Scholarship
    Michael Adams Dobbs Scholarship
    Robert B. Dodds Scholarship
    Nancy Hicks Domingos and Karl Kirk Domingos, Jr., EE ’38, Scholarship
    Gail and Boyce R. Dooley Scholarship
    George F. Dowman Scholarship

    Louis S. and Viola T. Dozier Scholarship
    Leo J Drum, Jr. Scholarship
    Edwin Rembert DuBose Scholarship
    Beverly and Winston L. Duke Scholarship
    Duane L. Duncomb Memorial Scholarship
    Colonel Nicholas Dunlap Scholarship
    William N. Dye, Jr. Scholarship
    Robert and Irene Edwards Scholarship
    Shirley J. and Ronald A. Edwards Scholarship
    Electronic Arts, Inc Scholarship
    George W. and Mary M. Ellington Scholarship
    Jeanne Stockman Ellis Memorial Scholarship
    Shelia Eshraghi Memorial Scholarship
    Joseph S. Fanning Memorial Scholarship
    John M. Farrell, Jr. Scholarship
    Mary and Kenneth Faulkner
    Roy and Zou Feagin Scholarship
    Dakin B. Ferris Scholarship
    Charlotte and Alvin Ferst Scholarship
    David and Phyllis Fetters Scholarship
    Dr. Richard W. Fink Memorial Scholarship
    James D. Finley Scholarship
    Mark E. Floersch Scholarship
    James Swann Floyd Fund
    Nita and Marvin Floyd Scholarship
    Charles and Matilda Fontaine Scholarship
    Frances and Ernest Fort Scholarship
    Larry Fossett Scholarship
    Debra Kornblut Frank Memorial Scholarship
    LeVert and Lamar Franklin Scholarship
    Peter A. Freeman Scholarship
    Sthithaprajna Garapaty Scholarship
    Kathy and Rick Garcia Family Scholarship
    Roy Gaskins Memorial Scholarship
    Julia and Phil Gee Scholarship
    General Motors Endowed Scholarship
    Georgia Student Finance Commission Scholarship for Engineering Education for Minorities
    Georgia Tech General Scholarship Fund
    Georgia Power Textile & Fiber Engineering Scholarship
    Nancy A. and Don P. Giddens Scholarship
    Glass Co-op Scholarship
    Godbold Family Foundation Scholarship
    Goizueta Foundation Endowed Scholars
    Sidney Goldin Scholarship
    Martha C. and J. Gordon Farmer Scholarship
    Alon Goren Radiant Systems Scholarship
    Margaret M. Graff Scholarship
    Graham Family Scholarship
    The Robert E. Gross/Lockheed Martin Scholarship
    GTBAO Dual Degree Scholarship

    Christopher Gurley Scholarship
    Stephen C Hall Scholarship
    W Jack Hamiliton III Scholarship
    Francis R. Hammack Scholarship
    Hammond Family Scholarship
    Henry Michael Hammond Scholarship
    Charles I. and Martha T. Hancock Scholarship
    Frank Hammond Hardin, Sr. Scholarship
    Haren Family Scholarship
    George Harris Jr Scholarship
    Sibyl and Fred Lawton Harrison, Jr. Scholarship
    Tom Hassett Scholarship
    W V Hassett Scholarship
    Kimberly Hayden Poole Scholarship
    Eleanor F. Haynes Scholarship
    Robert F Head, Jr. Scholarship
    Walter J. Hecht Scholarships
    Lisa Helene Golod Scholarship
    George Robert Henderson Sr. Scholarship
    N Samuel Herod Scholarship
    Rebecca W. and P. Owen Herrin Scholarship
    Richard J. Higgins Scholarship
    Kathy and Carl E. Hofstadter Scholarship
    Marjorie Hollingsworth Scholarship
    The John P. Holmes Scholarship Honoring Ben Z. and Sallie P. Holmes
    Holsenbeck Family Fund
    Julius Virgil Hornstein Endowment
    Michael Horowitz Scholarship
    Thad W. “Pete” Hudson, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
    Mary M Hunerkopf Scholarship
    John Imlay Tech Promise Scholarship
    International Affairs Alumni Scholarship Endowment
    Julia E. Irwin Scholarship
    C Allen Ivey Scholarship
    Laurie S. Johns Scholarship
    Bobby L. Johnson Scholarship
    James E Johnson Scholarship
    Jerry S Johnson Scholarship
    Ronald Johnson Scholarship
    E.R. (“Pick”) Johnston Scholarship
    George and Chappie Johnston Scholarship
    Shannon N Joiner Scholarship
    Augustus P. Jones Scholarship
    Donald H. Jones Scholarship
    Theodore M Jones Scholarship
    Lewis Jordan Scholarship
    Jordan , Jones, & Goulding CEE Scholarship
    Philip D. Jory Memorial Scholarship
    Thomas Jackson Judge Endowment
    J Calvin Juriet Scholarship

    John B Kackley Scholarship
    Henry D. Kahrns Scholarship
    Kaiser Aluminum Scholarship
    Edward Walter and Mary Sue Kamen Scholarship
    Kappa Sigma-Alpha Tau Chapter Scholarship
    William C. and Vera Watson Keisling Scholarship
    Ernest Kellar Fund
    Kelly Family Scholarship
    Richard C. Kessler Scholarship
    Jack C. Kilgore Family Scholarship
    Keum Young Kim Family Scholarship
    Eugene and Grace Kim Scholarship
    Michelle Kitaoka Scholarship
    Helen B. and Roger A. Krone Scholarship
    Nien-Tseng Nelson Ku Scholarship
    Mildred and I. L. Kunian Scholarship
    Pamela and Bryan LaBrecque Scholarship
    Caron and Alan Lacy Scholarship
    Andrea L. Laliberte Scholarship
    Mills B.Lane – Bank of America Scholarships
    Sterling and Jonathan Lanken Scholarship
    LaRoche Corporate Scholarship
    Raines Larrondo Scholarship
    Raines Larrondo International Study Abroad Scholarship
    James C Leathers Scholarship
    C. D. LeBey Memorial Scholarship
    Clarence R LeCroy, Jr. Scholarship
    Robert H. Ledbeter Scholarship
    William and Elsie Lee Scholarship
    James Leware Memorial Scholarship
    Donald Lewis [EE ’34] and Deane Hester Adams Scholarship
    Bluma and Rodolfo Liberman Scholarship
    Lazarus Long Scholarship
    Louis B Long Scholarship
    Luther S. Long III Scholarship
    Longo Family Scholarship
    Julian L. Looney Scholarship Fund
    Georgia Tech Lorraine Challenge Scholarship
    Georgia Tech North Louisiana Scholarship
    Uncle Ray Lowrey Scholarship
    Lowry Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Lubrizol Foundation Scholarship
    Thomas S. Lucas Memorial Scholarship
    R. L. MacDougall Scholarship
    Richard H. Maddux Scholarship
    Patricia S. and Thomas J. Malone Scholarship
    Phillip J. and Doris S. Malonson Endowed Scholarship
    Marilyn Berkowitz Marks and Ronald H. Marks Scholarship
    Carol M. and Carlos Martel Jr. Scholarship for International Studies
    Lockheed Martin Scholarship

    Rhonda Martin Scholarship
    Gregory R. Matheson Memorial Scholarship
    Lenora D. and John M. Mathews Scholarship
    James H Maughon Scholarship
    George S Mauney Scholarship
    Frank and Blanche McAllister Scholarship
    George and Norma McCarty Scholarship
    David E. McCollum “You’ve Got a Friend” Scholarship
    William McEver NROTC Scholarship
    Carole C McFee Scholarship
    Henry A. McGee Jr. Scholarship
    Jason McGuire Scholarship
    James T. McKnight Scholarship
    McCollum Family Scholarship
    McWilliams Family Scholarship
    Duncan A. Sr. and Elizabeth M. Mellichamp Scholarship
    Michael and Jenny Messner Scholarship
    Shirley Mewborn Perseverance Scholarship
    Andrew & Deborah Meyer Scholarship
    James E. Meyer Scholarship
    Buck Mickel Scholarship
    Mavis S. and T. Wainwright Miller Scholarship
    Paul Miller Scholarship
    Bess S. and Cooper N. Mills, Sr. Scholarship
    Howard S. Millsaps Scholarship
    Lizanne and Robert Milton Scholarship
    Clinton and Marian Minnich Scholarship
    Marvin G. Mitchell Endowed Scholarship
    Thomas E. Mitchell Educational Fund
    William F. Mitchell Memorial Scholarship
    Edgar B. Montague Scholarship
    Harold E. & Sigmund Montague Fund
    Montgomery Foundation Scholarship
    George G. Mooney Scholarship
    Elizabeth B Moore & William S Muzzy Scholarship
    Charles and Marie Moseley Scholarship
    Janet and James Mozley Scholarship
    Edward Muecke Jr Scholarship
    Mary Jeanette Muench Scholarship
    Agustin Mujica Scholarship
    Christopher J Myhre Scholarship
    National Starch & Chemical Scholarship
    Robert Stratton Neblett Scholarship
    Amy T. and Robert E. Neiman Jr. Scholarship
    Kurt S. Nelson Scholarship
    Mollie Newton Scholarship
    Frank David Nichols III Memorial Scholarship
    Peter J Van Norde Scholarship
    Dennis D. O’Brian Scholarship
    William J Oakes Scholarship

    Kenyon Oliver Memorial Scholarship
    Thad S. Oliver, Jr. and Thad S. Oliver, III Memorial Scholarship
    Humberto J. Ortega (El Puente) Scholarship Humberto J. Ortega (El Puente) Scholarship
    GT Palmetto-Peachtree Scholarship
    V.D. Parrott Scholarship
    Vivian and John Patten Jr. Scholarship
    Harman Wayne Patterson Scholarship
    Starke Patterson Scholarships
    Edward L. Patton Scholarship
    Charles Roberts Pendleton Scholarship
    David A. Perdue Scholarship
    Thomas E. Perrin Scholarship
    Carl F. Phillips Scholarship
    Metha Phingbodhipakkiya Memorial Scholarship
    Jack Phinizy Educational and Charitable Foundation Trust
    Donald and Patricia Pirkle Scholarship
    Carol M. and Joel C. Pittard Scholarship
    Sharon and Gary Poehlein Scholarship
    PowerPlan Consultants Scholarship
    Beirne M. Prager Scholarship Endowment
    Theodore O Prossner Scholarship
    David Purdue Scholarship
    Ralph N. Read Scholarship
    Henderson and Rebekah Ward Scholarship
    J. Lamar Reese Scholarship
    Lucia Reeves Scholarship
    George P. Reynolds Scholarship
    Jane J. Richardson Scholarship
    Bruce Richmond Scholarship
    Frank M. Ridley, Jr. Scholarship
    L. W. “Chip” Robert, Jr. Fund
    James B & Helon T Roberts Scholarship
    Dickson/Robertson Scholarship
    Marvin L Robinson Scholarship
    Frank C Robles Scholarship
    Ernest H. Rogers Scholarship
    A. H. (Jack) Robbins Scholarship
    Michele M. and David P. Rowland Scholarship
    Oliver H. Sale, Sr. Endowment Scholarship
    William McCoy Sangster Scholarship
    Bill Sayle GT Lorraine Scholarship
    John Chadwick Schafer Memorial Scholarship
    Page P. and John F. Schreck Scholarship Endowment
    Schroeter-Ergenzinger Foundation Scholarship
    Shaheen Foundation Scholarship
    Harry H. Sibley Scholarship
    Frederika L. and Robert S. Sitkoff Scholarship
    Thomas A. Smith Scholarship
    George N. Spring Jr. Scholarship

    J. P. Stevens Fund
    Jill Archer and Jeb Stewart Scholarship
    Elizabeth and A. Richard Stirni Scholarship
    James and Jane Stratigos Scholarship
    Federico Stubbe Scholarship
    William P. and Linda L. Sullivan Scholarship
    Aleksander & Halina Szlam Scholarship
    Joaquin Taule Scholarship
    Elaine and James Taylor Scholarship
    Michael E. Tennenbaum Family Scholarship
    Robert H. Tharpe Scholarship
    Newton & Wilma Thomas Scholarship
    Geneva C Thorne Scholarship
    Howard and Donna Thrailkill Scholarship
    Thomas L. Tiede Scholarship
    Charles and Anna Tomberg Scholarship
    Albert Toney Scholarship
    Zulma Tora-Ramas Scholarship
    James F. Towers Scholarship
    Susan and John Traendly Scholarship
    TSYS Innovations Scholarship
    Julie R. and Douglas B. Turner Scholarship
    G. Ben Turnipseed Scholarship
    Tyber Family Scholarship
    VAC Fei Family Scholarship
    Emilio M. Venegas Scholarship
    Edward & Judith Vickers Scholarship
    Virginia J. Wagner Scholarship
    Russell E. Walden Scholarship
    James F. Walden Scholarship
    Wallington Scholarship
    William T. Walton Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Cecile and David Wang Scholarship
    JoAnn Warwick Scholarship
    Jack C. Webb Scholarship
    John S. Webb and Julian C. Stanley, Sr. Scholarship
    Wendi W. and John R. Wells Scholarship
    Roxanne D. Westendorf Scholarship
    Joanne and Dan Wheeler Scholarship
    J. M. Whiteside Memorial Scholarship
    Doni and Robert Whitley Scholarship
    Wicks Family Scholarship
    S. H. Wilkinson Memorial Scholarship
    Riley R. Willcox Scholarship
    F. Everett Williams Scholarship
    Sidney and Stanton Walter Willins “Follow Your Dream” Scholarship
    Carlton M Wilson Scholarship
    Frances Wood Wilson Foundation Scholarship
    Hugh and Shirley Wilson Scholarship
    Jerry Wilson Scholarship

    Bruce J. Wittschiebe Memorial Scholarship
    Janice N. Wittschiebe Scholarship
    Lynn C. and K. Brent Woodruff Scholarship
    George W. Woodruff Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering
    Frank R. and Kathleen C. Woolford Scholarship
    Carolyn & John Wylder Scholarship
    Mark D. Yerger Scholarship
    Zachry Scholarship Fund

  • There are several endowment scholarships available outside of the financial aid office. Departments usually select candidates, rather than the financial aid office. You also don’t need to submit an application to be considered.

    Albert Lee Hawes Scholarship
    Pulgram Paris Program Scholarship
    James Bowden Addy Scholarship
    Michelle Adkins Dean’s Scholarship
    Albemarle Corporation Award
    Anthony J. Arduengo III Scholarship
    Aubry Holland Tech & Management School
    Kelly & Rick Barrett CoM Dean’s Scholarship
    Arthur Frank Beckum, Jr. Scholarship
    Frederick K. Bell Scholarship
    Bergmark Family Study Abroad
    Richard & Toni Bergmark Scholarship
    Robert Daniel Betzel, Jr. Scholarship
    Tilman T. Blakely, Sr. Scholarship
    Connie & Roger Blythe Jr. Scholarship
    Frank Bogle Scholarship
    Jeffery Palliser Bosomworth Scholarship
    Lindsay Pope Brayfield Scholarship
    Stephen Brossette Scholarship
    F. Sibley Bryan, Jr. Scholarship
    Buffington Study Abroad Scholarship
    Joyce M. and Glenn A. Burdick Endowment
    Joseph A. Campoamor Scholarship
    Chance Family Scholarship
    John M. “Mac” Cheatham Scholarship
    Class of Study Abroad Scholarship
    Class of Study Abroad Scholarship
    Clinton Mills, Inc. Scholarship
    Anne Clough International Student Scholarship
    J.C. Currie Mathematics Scholarship
    Christie Dasher International Study Abroad Scholarship
    Jackson Davis GTBAO Scholarship
    William Davis Pulp and Paper Scholarship
    C. Bailey Dixon Scholarship
    DramaTech Scholarship
    William H. Eberhardt Scholarship
    Eta Kappa Nu Scholarship
    Raena & Joseph Evans Deans Scholarship
    Thomas Fanning CoM Dean’s Scholarship
    Alvin M. Ferst Student Leadership Scholarship
    Georgia Tech Faculty Women’s Club Scholarship
    Robert M. Gilson Jr. Dean’s Scholarship
    Gail & Marion Glover Dean’s Scholarship
    E.J. Grassmann Scholarship
    Gulfstream Scholarship
    Gwinner Student Leadership Scholarship
    Leslie U. and Ola Ryle Hammack Memorial Scholarship
    Robert C. Hart Pulp and Paper Foundation Scholarship
    Merri Gaye Hitt Scholarship
    Carolyn & Robert Hochman Scholarship

    H. Hochman Aerospace Engineering Scholarship
    Hurlock, Uyesugi, and Norris Trumpet Memorial Scholarship
    IEEE Scholarship for Power Engineers
    Abraham Illges Memorial Scholarship
    GT Inter Fraternity Council Scholarship
    J & J Industries Prestige Scholarship
    Molly & Dennis James Jr. Dean’s Scholarship
    Andrew D. Jarrett Memorial Scholarship
    John Battle Student Excellence Award
    C. A. Jones Memorial Scholarship
    Joseph Ward Dean’s Scholarship
    Carol & Richard Kalikow Dean’s Scholarship
    Frank Kalwaites Memorial Scholarship
    Kawneer Industrial Design Scholarship
    Kelley Family Music Scholarship
    C. Whitney Knoll Study Abroad Scholarship
    Korean Scholarship
    Kurt Salmon Association Scholarship
    Caron & Alan Lacy Dean’s Scholarship
    Jim Langley Endowed Scholarship
    Lewis F. Lanter Student Award
    Larry Huang CoM Dean’s Scholarship
    McCoy-Shipley Scholarship
    Mason McKnight Scholarship
    Suzanna & Duncan Mellichamp Scholarship
    Robert L. Minier Scholarship
    Naramore International Study Abroad Scholarship
    National Merit and National Achievement Scholarships
    Alice Neal Dean’s Scholarship
    Lawton M. Nease, Jr. & Jane Pool Nease Scholarship
    L. Howard Olson Scholarship
    Gregory Owens CoM Deans Scholarship
    Paden-Cheves Scholarship
    Robert A. Pierotti Memorial Scholarship
    Proctor and Gamble Scholarship
    Michelle & Peter Quinones Dean’s Scholarship
    Richard Speer Family Dean’s Scholarship
    John H. Ridley Scholarship
    M. Weldon Rogers Scholarship
    J. Judson Rowland Scholarship
    Alan Salzman Memorial Scholarship
    John William Sandeford Memorial Scholarship
    Marthame Sanders Scholarship
    Robert & Stevie Schmidt Scholarship
    George Wingfield Semmes Scholarship
    Peter B. Sherry Memorial Scholarship
    Frederika L. and Robert S. Sitkoff Scholarship
    Skelton Family Dean’s Scholarship
    Sheila and Robert Snyder Scholarship
    Southeastern TAPPI Scholarship

    William B. Spencer Scholarship
    William Monroe Spicer Scholarship
    Barry & Gail Spurlock Scholarship
    Stang & Newdow Endowment
    T. E. Stribling Memorial Textile Scholarship Fund
    Hal H Strickland Scholarship
    Jewell and Estee Strickland Memorial Scholarship
    Student Center Leadership Scholarship
    Robert Lynn Sutton Jr. Scholarship
    Textile Education Foundation Scholarships
    Theta Chi Scholarship
    James Russell Tuten Scholarship
    Robert and Nadia Tyson Scholarship
    Elizabeth & Gene Ussery Dean’s Scholarship
    Blake R. Van Leer Scholarship
    Catherine & Edwin Wahlen Jr. Scholarship
    Joe & Sue Ward Scholarship
    Wartell & Brossette Scholarship
    John Houston Wear Jr. Award in Architecture
    Wesleyan Faculty Merit Scholarship
    John A White III Scholarship
    Richard K. Whitehead, Jr. Scholarship
    James G. & Mary G. Wohlford Scholarship
    Frank R. and Kathleen C. Woolford Scholarship
    World Student Fund Scholarship
    Alfred T. and Peter Wright Memorial Scholarship for Army ROTC
    Carolyn & John Wylder Scholarship
    Dororthy C. Yancy GTBAO Scholarship
    Jack J. and Leda L. Zbar Scholarship
    Judy & Stephen Zelnak Jr. Dean’s Scholarship
    Judy & Stephen Zelnak Jr. Denning T&M Program Scholarship

Are there other scholarships and grants available?

Yes. Georgia Tech students can also apply for outside scholarships and grants, including the National Merit Scholarship and the HOPE Scholarship for Georgia residents. Since Georgia Tech is a state school, there are generally more scholarships options for in-state than out-of-state students. You might want to consider scholarships available through your home state if you aren’t from Georgia. Or consider applying for private scholarships and grants.

Student loans to pay for Georgia Tech

Still need help paying for school after applying for scholarships and grants? At this point, you might want to consider student loans. Try for federal loans first — they’re easier for most students to qualify for on their own, have relatively low rates and come with more flexible repayment options. But there’s a cap on how much you can borrow. If you can’t qualify or run out of federal funds, your next best bet might be a private student loan.

Compare private student loan providers

Explore your options by APR, minimum credit score, loan amount and loan term. Select the Get started button to start an application with a specific lender.

Data updated regularly

Bottom line

Georgia Tech offers a wide range of scholarships and grants based on merit, financial need — or both. Most don’t require an application, but some might — like the alumni scholarships. Applying for these first can cut down on how much you need to borrow and help you graduate with less debt.

You can learn more about how to fund your degree with our guide to student loans.

Frequently asked questions

Does Georgia Tech meet % of financial need?

No, Georgia Tech doesn’t have the resources to meet the financial need of every student. But there are several need-based scholarships and grants that can help low-income students afford Georgia Tech’s COA without going into debt.

Does Georgia Tech give scholarships to international students?

Generally, no — even institutional scholarships and grants are generally only available to US citizens and permanent residents. If your financial circumstances change, however, there are several options to help cover your tuition costs, including working on campus or participating in an eligible internship. Talk to the school’s Office of International Education to learn more about your options.

Does Georgia Tech require students to fill out the FAFSA?

Not if you can cover the full cost of tuition up front. Otherwise, you need to submit the FAFSA by January 31st to be considered for federal aid and most institutional scholarships — in addition to filling out the CSS Profile and the GT App.


Css georgia profile deadline tech

Financial Aid

The mission of the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) is to assist students and families in the application for and receipt of financial resources to help them meet the educational expenses to attend Georgia Tech. We strive to provide excellent service to our applicants and recipients; administer funds and programs effectively and efficiently and in compliance with all regulations, rules, policies and procedures; exercise good stewardship of all funds entrusted to us; and serve as an advocate for the strategic financial support for students.

It's Time to Apply for Financial Aid!

Important Reminder for Students

Financial aid applications for the academic year are now available. All applicants, including HOPE Scholarship recipients, must apply for financial aid every year to maintain eligibility for their aid. Failure to apply may result in a loss of financial aid for the upcoming and subsequent years.

Steps for Incoming Students

Steps for Returning Students

Learn About Financial Aid

To help simplify the financial aid process for you, we provide a variety of resources and information to help you learn about different options for financing your Georgia Tech education.

Exposing the contents $$$ of my CSS profile (I received full ride!!)

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