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Webex Meetings Overview

WebEx is a powerful tool that enables you to host, record, and share lectures, as well as hold virtual office hours, department meetings, and more. When participating in a Webex meeting, it is even possible to share the contents of your screen and invite others in the meeting to annotate that same content. When content isn’t being shared, the default Webex view is to show the participants of the meeting using three different “video layout” options.

Webex Video Layout Options

The speaker is shown in the large center screen while your screen is minimized at the bottom right corner. This is a great view for having 1:1 meetings with someone. However, if there are more than two participants, it is necessary to choose between the other two views.


This is the WebEx default view for meeting with three or more people. The speaker is shown in the large center screen and multiple participants (usually 5 - 6) will be shown at the bottom of the screen. If you have more than 6 participants, you may click the left/right arrow to see more attendees. This is great while you’re presenting/sharing your content with a group of students.


All attendees will show up in the center screen and each of them will be in a small grid. This is great if you are going to simply have a discussion/chat with all participants and be able to see their facial expressions while they are speaking.


How-To: Change Between Webex Video Layouts

You will only be able to change your video layout in meetings of three or more people. Meetings with only two participants will use the default “Active Speaker View.” Step-by-step instructions for selecting from these options can be found in the Webex guide for switching between video layouts.

Sours: https://www.miamioh.edu/regionals/eccoe/news/2020/04/webex-video-layouts.html

Changing your Participant Layout in Webex

In Webex, users can alter how Participants appear on their screen. The default view is Grid View, colloquially referred to as the Brady Bunch view.

This layout is independent of the recording layout.

For instructions on how to set your recording layout, review the article, Webex Recording Options. 

To change your Participant Layout in Webex, 

  1. Start the Meeting, or click on the Join link.

    Once the Meeting has begun, you will need to wait for Participants to join before you will see the Layout button.

  2. Move the cursor to the top-right of the video portion of the screen. If you have the Participants Panel open, the Layout button will be directly to the left of Participants.
    1. Viewing Options
      • Grid view shows all your participants in a grid. It is also known as Hollywood squares or the Brady Bunch view.
      • Stack view places the active speaker in a large window below the last 5 participants who have spoken.
      • Side by side places the active speaker and content in a large window to the left of the last 5 participants who have spoken.
      • Fullscreen view will place your own video stream in a floating window and you can then select your desired view layout.

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Sours: https://confluence.uconn.edu/ikb/communication-and-collaboration/webex-video-conferencing/using-your-webex-account/changing-your-participant-layout-in-webex
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Adjusting Video Layout in Webex

Webex videoconferencing is retiring at UB as of November 19, 2021. We recommend using Zoom  or MS Teams for your video and audio conferencing needs.

Learn how to control who is displayed onscreen and lock focus during a Webex meeting.

Layout Options

Hover your mouse over the meeting window and the video layout options will appear in the upper right corner:


  • Stack: Default view. Other participants appear in thumbnails above the active speaker or shared content.
  • Grid: See all participants’ cameras, up to 25 people. Use the zoom slider bar to adjust the number of cameras you see on the stage.
  • Side-by-side view: Participants appear next to the active speaker or shared content.

Customize the stage

When you are in the stack or side-by-side layout you can add up to four participants to the stage to keep them in view. Drag their video thumbnail to the stage or hover over their video and click More>Move to stage.

Sync your stage for everyone

  1. Hover over the stage
  2. Click Layout > Sync my stage for everyone
  3. Check Lock attendee view on stage only when you do not want attendees to customize their own view of the stage.

Note: Participants on mobile phones will only see shared content or grid view when the host syncs their stage for everyone. See other known limitations in the Webex Help Center.

See also

Video layouts in Webex Meetings and Webex Events

Sours: http://www.buffalo.edu/ubit/service-guides/conference/webex/video-layout.html
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