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Trailblazer and service to community; these values have been part of Dr. Farhan Malik's life from the very beginning. As a first generation American, Farhan was born and raised in the Midwest. He was born 2 months premature and was given less than 50% chance of survival. Despite this, he thrived in his life and path of education. After graduating in the top 10% of his high school class, his trailblazing path really kicked into high gear.

Prior to college, he completed an internship at the National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian Institute (selected from over 200 applicants), revamping their space memorabilia database. He went on to earn his B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Kansas (one of the toughest majors offered) and his M.D. from Saba University School of Medicine.

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Penile Girth Enlargement

Permanent Penis Enlargement

This NON-SURGICAL, MINIMALLY INVASIVE in-office procedure does not require general anesthesia, scalpels or stitches. SUMMER Special - Attend our Thursday night conference call and receive a discount on your procedure.

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Male Enhancement

At Mens Medical, we offer an array of services to meet your unique medical situation. By offering a combination of specialties under one roof, we create the continuity of care that assures positive patient outcomes.

There are many types of male enlargement treatments available today, including surgical and non-surgical methods. The board-certified doctors at Mens Medical utilize minimally invasive permanent medical procedures for penile shaft, penile glans, and scrotal enhancement treatments.

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Penile Girth Enlargement

The penile girth involves the circumference or thickness of the penile shaft and glans (head of the penis). The penis has two states, the flaccid (or soft), and the erect...

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Penile Glans Enlargement

The Penile Glans is also called the ‘Head of the Penis’. We prefer to use the term ‘glans’. The Glans is a vascular structure, just like the rest of the penis, and is...

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Scrotal Enlargement

The Scrotum is the pouch like skin located under the penis in the genital area which houses or contains the testicles. It is made of several layers of tissue, including...

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Morning Wood? Check This Out.

Do you wake up with a morning erection? Have you ever wondered why this happens? According to most of the scientific research, it is common...(LEARN MORE)

Have a curved penis? Here is why?

Are you a guy with a curved penis? Does it hook to the left or right drastically, almost taking on a banana like quality? On the flip-side, do you have a bent...(LEARN MORE)

Sad After Sex?

A recently released study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy reveals that 41% of men experience various forms of sadness after...(LEARN MORE)

G.S. Florida

There is little to no pain with the procedure. Dr. Loria prescribed pain medications in case I needed them, but I didn’t. He is such a good doctor. He kept asking me how I was doing throughout the procedure to make sure that I was comfortable and pain free. And during the healing process he and his team were always available. This experience was life changing and I would recommend it to any one.

G.S. Florida

There is little to no pain with the procedure. Dr. Loria prescribed pain medications in case I needed them, but I didn’t. He is such a good doctor. He kept asking me how I was doing throughout the procedure to make sure that I was comfortable and pain free. And during the healing process he and his team were always available. This experience was life changing and I would recommend it to any one.

G.S. Florida

There is little to no pain with the procedure. Dr. Loria prescribed pain medications in case I needed them, but I didn’t. He is such a good doctor. He kept asking me how I was doing throughout the procedure to make sure that I was comfortable and pain free. And during the healing process he and his team were always available. This experience was life changing and I would recommend it to any one.

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Atlanta ED Treatment: Top Urologists

Dr. Steven Morganstern is the founding physician of Morganstern Urology Men’s Health Center. He is a nationally acclaimed ED physician. As a urologist and board-certified surgeon practicing in Atlanta, GA, for over 40 years he is considered an important leader in erectile dysfunction across the nation. He and his staff are rated among the 2016 – 2019 “top 3” urologists in Atlanta and “Best of Atlanta” in Urology for five consecutive years.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Rather than treating symptoms or offering a “one size fits all” approach like shockwave therapy, Morganstern Health first tests extensively to get at the root urologic causes of what’s not working and why. Next, our clinic develops a personalized treatment plan to correct the issue and restore function to cause firmer, lasting erections. Leveraging FDA-approved devices, we patented new protocols that can resolve almost any ED diagnosis. These technologies, are exclusive to Morganstern Urology in Atlanta, GA. In fact, we’re presently able to restore natural function for over 90% of men who’ve been indicated for a prosthetic implant for ED or Peyronie’s. For patients with less severe erectile dysfunction, our approach and technology in the most rapid path to full function – and results lasts longer than any other clinic.

Top Atlanta Urologist

Dr. Morganstern’s urological work has paved the way for numerous improved understanding for “best practices” in urology for other physicians which caused him to be regularly regarded as “the doctor who teaches other doctors”. Effectiveness and safety are the primary focus of his practice. He is considered both a pioneer and one of the best luminaries among his peers, with his medical and surgical skills exceeded only by his caring demeanor. He has appeared on 20/20, Good Morning America, Health Watch, CNN, and NBC news to discuss his medical procedure developments and participate in interviews regarding current urological news. His specialties include his protocols for permanent natural penis enlargement surgeries, solutions for healing erectile dysfunction, and his game-changing treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

Advanced Procedure Best Protocol in Penis Augmentation

In an effort to comprehensively heal his Peyronie’s disease patients who lost length from penile trauma, Dr. Morganstern began pioneering new approaches to penis augmentation over twenty years ago. He invented a more safe and potent protocol that proved successful in 99.6% of cases with 4,000 patients in the last two decades. These insights were leveraged to create the country’s broadest array of male enhancement procedures. Working with one of the nation’s leading urologic surgeon’s from Emory University, Morganstern Urology now offers a viable solution for every type of patient in need of enhancement. Augmentations are performed as out-patient procedures in our new in-office surgical suite in Buckhead, adjacent to our Urology practice. Depending upon the exact type and number of procedures requested, patients usually return to work within one – five days.

Advanced Erectile Dysfunction Treatments that Heal Impotence

Dr. Morganstern recently patented erectile dysfunction treatments that are completely healing impotence without the need for surgery for long term injections and care. His patented a 4-step process includes protocols for improving circulation that supplies blood flow to the penis, revascularization of veins and arteries within the penis, as well as collagen care that revitalizes comprehensive penile tissue. Dr. Morganstern also administers hormone care with a customized approach and utilizes performance enhancers as needed.

Numerous treatments are on the market to address erectile dysfunction, yet they do not get to the root cause of the medical condition that results in the dysfunction. Examples include pills, shots, implants, and pumps, which are merely short term relievers of the symptoms. Men come to Dr. Morganstern from Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, and all over the nation to receive treatment to reverse their erectile dysfunction condition.

Dr. Morganstern is a best selling author of the following books: Overcoming Impotence, The Prostate Source Book and Live Again Love Again.

Innovative and Effective Treatments for Peyronie’s Disease

Dr. Morganstern made healing Peyronie’s Disease the culmination of a lifetime of medical innovation and invested twenty years perfecting a novel protocol with a 99.6% success rate without any surgery. Simply put, his techniques are effective in breaking up penile plaque and fibrosis which ends up straightening the penis and restoring good function. Many men suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, which impacts their quality of life. Dr. Morganstern developed a four step protocol that actually delivers. He has now corrected curvature with over 1,000 patients who were unsuccessful with other doctors. Even if a prior treatment didn’t work, chances are this will help resolve your curvature.

Atlanta Urology Services – Erectile Dysfunction Peyronie’s Disease Treatment &  Penis Augmentation Surgery

Male Enlargement Injection Leads to Death?

Dr. Elist is skilled at performing penile enhancement surgeries. In his professional journey so far, Dr. Elist has helped men break out of the vicious circle of negative thinking. He understands that a small penis not only impacts the way a man looks but can also leave him mentally scarred. Dr. Elist also knows many men do not have an outlet to vent out their frustrations and insecurities. To help such men, Dr. Elist is always ready to lend an ear and has helpful advice for them.

For Dr. Elist, hard work, dedication, and commitment are more than just buzzwords. He has dedicated his life to serving the community and ensuring that his patients get sustainable results.

Dr. Elist’s dedication to his profession has not gone unnoticed. Over the years, he has been conferred various honors by different bodies. He is not just recognized in the medical fraternity, but is also one of the most respected figures in patient communities around the country. His professionalism and empathetic attitude makes him the people’s doctor and is the primary reason why our clinic draws patients from far and wide. Patients from as far as Atlanta visit our clinic in Beverly Hills, California. Those who cannot make it to our office can consult with Dr. Elist over Skype and other video platforms.

Privacy is one of the significant concerns that hold back men from opting for penile procedures and our clinic staff understands these concerns. Because of this they follow different guidelines to ensure our patients’ identities are not compromised.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals including medical professionals who assist Dr. Elist in performing various procedures. These experts share Dr. Elist’s vision of helping as many individuals as possible.


Male enlargement surgery atlanta permanent

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Life After Penis Enlargement Surgery

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