2 fence post caps

2 fence post caps DEFAULT

Chain Link Fencing



25 ft.Lg.

50 ft.Lg.

Material Each Each
42 3/8"2 3/8"0.113"Galvanized Steel000000000000000000000000000
62"2"0.148"Galvanized Steel000000000000000000000
82"2"0.148"Galvanized Steel000000000000000000000

Fencing Ties

0.114"8 1/4"Aluminum1000000000000000

Top Rails

Dia.Lg.,ft.Material Each
1 3/8"10 1/2Galvanized Steel0000000000000
1 5/8"10 1/2Galvanized Steel000000000000


For Fence
Ht.,ft.Dia.Material Each

End Posts

46 1/21 7/8"Galvanized Steel0000000000000
68 1/22 3/8"Galvanized Steel000000000000
8112 7/8"Galvanized Steel000000000000

Support Posts

46 1/21 5/8"Galvanized Steel000000000000
68 1/21 7/8"Galvanized Steel000000000000
8112 3/8"Galvanized Steel000000000000

Tension Bars

For Fence
Wd.Material Each
45/8"Galvanized Steel000000000000
65/8"Galvanized Steel00000000000
83/4"Galvanized Steel000000000000

Diagonal Support Rods

Material Each
11Galvanized Steel0000000000000


Tension Bar to End Post Connector

Top Rail to End Post Connector

Top Rail to Support Post Connector

For Post
For Rail
Material Each

Tension Bar to End Post Connectors

1 7/8"__Galvanized Steel000000000000
2 3/8"__Galvanized Steel00000000000
2 7/8"__Galvanized Steel00000000000

Top Rail to End Post Connectors

1 7/8"__Galvanized Steel00000000000
2 3/8"__Galvanized Steel00000000000
2 7/8"__Galvanized Steel00000000000

Top Rail to Support Post Connectors

1 5/8"1 3/8"Aluminum00000000000
1 7/8"1 5/8"Aluminum00000000000
2 3/8"1 5/8"Aluminum00000000000


Galvanized Steel1000000000000000

End Caps

End Post Cap

Top Rail End Cap

For Post
For Rail
Material Each

End Post Caps

1 7/8"__Aluminum000000000000
2 3/8"__Aluminum00000000000
2 7/8"__Aluminum00000000000

Top Rail End Caps

__1 3/8"Aluminum00000000000
__1 5/8"Aluminum00000000000


Ht.Lg.For Gate
Material Each
4 ft.44 "4ft.1 3/8"Galvanized Steel00000000000000
6 ft.44 "4ft.1 3/8"Galvanized Steel0000000000000
8 ft.44 "4ft.1 5/8"Galvanized Steel0000000000000

Gate Hinges

Male Hinge

Female Hinge

For Post
For Gate
Frame Dia.
Material Each

Male Hinges

1 7/8"__Galvanized Steel0000000000000
2 3/8"__Galvanized Steel000000000000
2 7/8"__Galvanized Steel000000000000

Female Hinges

__1 3/8"Galvanized Steel00000000000
__1 5/8"Galvanized Steel000000000000

Gate Latches

For Post
For Gate
Frame Dia.
Material Each
1 7/8"1 3/8"Galvanized Steel00000000000
2 3/8"1 3/8"Galvanized Steel0000000000
2 7/8"1 5/8"Galvanized Steel000000000000

Floor-Mount Flanges


For Post
Dia.Mounting Hardware Each
1 7/8"Galvanized Steel411/16"Fasteners Not Included00000000000000
2 3/8"Galvanized Steel411/16"Fasteners Not Included0000000000000
2 7/8"Galvanized Steel411/16"Fasteners Not Included0000000000000

Barbed Wire Supports

For Post
Number of
Wires Held
Material Each

Barbed Wire Supports for End Posts

2 3/8"3Galvanized Steel00000000000000
2 7/8"3Galvanized Steel0000000000000

Barbed Wire Supports for Support Posts

1 7/8"3Galvanized Steel000000000000
2 3/8"3Galvanized Steel0000000000000

Installation Tools

Diagonal Support Rod Tightener

Fence-Stretching Pull Chain

Fencing Stretcher

Wire Gripper

Material Each

Diagonal Support Rod Tighteners


Fence-Stretching Pull Chains


Fencing Stretchers


Wire Grippers


Fence Post Drivers

For Max.
Post Wd.
2 1/2"0000000000000

Fence Posts




51 1/4"Enamel-Coated SteelGreen50000000000000
61 1/4"Enamel-Coated SteelGreen5000000000000
71 1/4"Enamel-Coated SteelGreen5000000000000
81 1/4"Enamel-Coated SteelGreen5000000000000
Post Puller0000000Each0000000
Optional Caps for T-Shaped Posts (25/Pkg.)0000000Pkg.00000
Post Driver0000000Each00000

Fence Post Pullers

For Max.
Post Wd.
Sours: /fence-post-caps/

This Dome External Round Post Cap has a galvanized steel construction that boasts durability, corrosion resistance, and a long life span. The post cap fits externally on a 4 1/2" chain link fence post or bollard to prevent water or debris from building up inside the post and causing internal damage. Easy to install, the post cap sleeves over the post, no tools necessary. Adding the post cap not only provides added protection and support but also gives the fence a finished look.


• Fits Externally
• Post Size: 4 1/2"
• Available In Black
• Material: Galvanized Steel
• Also Fits SCH40 4 1/2" OD Pipe
• Simple To Install, Sleeves Over The Post
• Corrosion Resistant Material Ideal For Outdoor Use
• Protects Fence Posts From Build-Up And Internal Damage

Please Note: Due to manufacturing differences, the product you receive may not match the picture.

Before and After Installation

Additional Information

Chain Link Fitting Dome Post Caps
Condition New
Post Size 4 1/2" [4 1/2" OD]
Finish Galvanized
Fits External

Chain Link 4 1/2" [And SCH40 4 1/2" OD Pipe] External Round Dome Post Cap (Pressed Steel)

Sours: https://chainlinkfittings.com/store/4-1-2-galvanized-steel-dome-external-round-post-caps-also-fits-sch40-4-1-2-od-pipe.html
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The 2 1/2" Sq. Aluminum Post Cap is designed to fit 2 1/2" Sq. aluminum fence posts. Protect the interior of your fence posts with the 2 1/2" Sq. Aluminum Post Cap and prevent build up of rain, snow, ice, and debris of eroding the post. This post cap has a smooth, black, powder-coated exterior that boasts rust, corrosion, and weather resistance for excellent outdoor performance. Easy to install, simply slide the cap over to the top of the post and use a rubber mallet to tap in a tight fit.


• Fits Externally To Post
• Standard Flat Post Cap Style
• Lengthens The Life Of The Fence Post
• Sleek, Smooth Black Powder-Coated Exterior
• Rust, Corrosion, And Weather Resistant Post Cap
• Easy To Install, Simply Slide Cap On Top of The Post
• 2 1/2" Sq. Aluminum Post Cap Fits 2 1/2" Sq. Aluminum Posts
• Use A Rubber Mallet To Tap On Tight Fitting Post And Cap
• Prevents Build-Up Of Snow, Water, Ice, And Debris Inside The Post


• Color: Black
• Post Size: 2 1/2" Sq.
• Fence Type: Aluminum
• Style: Standard Flat Cap

Additional Information

Manufacturer AluminumFenceBrand™
Color Black
Product Post Cap
Fits Post Size 2 1/2" Sq.

Post Cap For 2 1/2" Square Aluminum Fence Post (Black)

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Sours: https://quickshipaluminumfence.com/store/post-cap-for-2-1-2-sq-fence-post-black.html
4 Ways To Cap Square Tubing - 3 Weld Caps on Tubing - NO Welding Required on one Cap.

Post Caps - Metal, Wood, Composite

The Deck Store is the proud supplier of all the major brands of Post Caps for your deck rail or fence project. Post Caps are designed to be both decorative and functional. The typical design diverts water and snow from causing the end grains of your posts to split and decay.

Post Caps come in almost every imaginable color, shape and material. Further complicating the selection process is the enormous number of sizes available and the way the sizes are described. We try to make this as clear as possible so you get the cap you expected the first time. Terms like "Actual" and "Nominal" are used frequently. Much like a 2x4 is actually 3-1/2" x 1-1/2" in size, post cap manufacturers do the same thing, but to mix it up some manufacturers of Composite or PVC post sleeves only use actual sizes in their description. As a general rule if you select a post cap from the same manufacturer as the post sleeve you're likely going to get the proper cap. Manufacturers want you to use their products so they might change the shape slightly (Rounding or projecting corners) so only their caps will fit. If you have a question about a particular cap Contact Us and we will do our best to help you. Sending a digital picture with measurements helps too.

Major Brands: Aurora |  Deckorators | Timbertech | Azek | Trex | Fortress | Nantucket | Dekor

Types of Caps: Specialty | Illuminated | Glass | Wood | Finials | Metal | Composite

Sours: https://www.thedeckstoreonline.com/deck-post-caps-and-accessories/deck-rail-post-caps.html

Post caps fence 2

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