Evinrude upper drive shaft removal

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08-18-2020, 01:28 AM

looking for opinions on whether a "racing" driveshaft swap shortcut i've read about it a good idea.

i have a 2005 etec 200 90 degree 3.3 xl motor with high hours and a bad magnum lower unit (no forward gear and metal shavings). to replace the leg i have picked up a used 2002 ficht 60 degree 175 xl magnum lower unit for a good price. they are the same with the same gear ratio other than shift shaft and driveshafts.

so i need to swap the upper driveshafts across because they are different lengths.

so i need to pull both driveshafts.

according to the manual, to do this i need to pull the carrier, remove the pinion nut and pull the drive shaft assembly and then remove the roller pin to separate the upper driveshaft. this requires i buy 4 evinrude tools i don't own (driveshaft socket, pinion nut wrench, carrier puller, driveshaft removal tool).

according to some old threads i have found on the internet i can pull the upper drive shaft out using vice grips and a big hammer, or i can use the official evinrude driveshaft removal tool. if i do either i will bend a retainer and so the driveshaft will not lock back in when i swap it and it will float. some say that is fine and racers do it. others say that is the opposite of fine and will cause issues.

what say you?

for those who think it is fine, should i get the driveshaft removal tool so i do less damage to the retainer when i remove the shaft?

for those who think i should do it the hard way, do you have any recommendations on where to get those tools for less than the prices i am seeing? i am all for getting new tools whenever i get an excuse but these will cost more than the lower unit did.

thanks in advance for any advice or tips

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Evinrude drive shaft removal

Re: Evinrude drive shaft removal

CL60 said:


A cylindrical clip is set inside the lower shaft by use of a roll pin on one end. The upper shaft, when inserted, snaps into the end of this clip. Only thing is, its a one way deal. Once you install the upper shaft, it won't come out without gutting the unit.

Got the LU assembled now, just waiting on a grommet for the midsection. Painting today, then installation later in the week. After that, break-in.

If I ever have to R&R and lower unit again, I'm spending the dough and getting a complete unit...ready to install!

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Old thread I know but...
I just received my brand new M2 (Magnum 2) gearcase...man this thing is beefy.
The seller pulled the drive shaft and shift rod out of it for shipping purposes. In the photos you will see a cut down drive shaft and shift rod installed...he did this to keep debris from entering the open shafts while in shipping. The cut down drive shaft is free floating and can easily be pulled right out while the shift shaft is screwed in. My questions:

The seller said I would not need to remove the drive shaft bearing housing at all and that I will simply pull the cut down drive shaft out and slip the 25" shaft in making sure to lineup the splines; he said I will feel the upper shaft lock into place with the lower shaft and I would not compromise the seal when removing the old and installing the new shaft. The problem is when I look in my manual under drive shaft removal and installation there is talk about bearing pullers....a roll pin and a retainer which hold the upper shaft to the lower shaft and lock it in place. The manual makes it look like a much bigger job than I expected.
What to do?


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Evinrude 150 outboard drive shaft seal, gear selector o-rings and water pump

Johnson/Evinrude Driveshaft Installation

This thread pertains to OMC two-piece drive shaft found in 1992 and newer four- and six-cylinder gearcases. These gearcases are not sold with upper vertical drive shaft and shift may be reused in the replacement unit.

The old gearcase should be disassembled to remove the upper drive shaft. Push out the pin located approximately six inches from the bottom of the lower drive shaft to free the top shaft. Simply unscrew the shift rod.

Installation of the original shaft does not require that you disassemble the replacement unit. Place the shaft into the unit and tap the top of the shaft to snap it into place. Replacement units come with a spring-loaded retainer clip installed in the lower drive shaft to hold the shaft in place. screw the shift rod in. The shaft may seem loose until the water pump is installed.

Shift Rod Heights for 20" OMC-Bambardier

V4 C/F1978-UP21-27/32"
V4 Looper Small1986-199221-15/16"
V4 Looper Big1993-200121-15/16 "
V4 60 & Deg Carb1995-200321-1/4"
V6 C/F1979-199122-1/16"
V6 Looper1986-200321-15/16"
V6 60& Deg1991-200321-1/4"
V6 60° - F.I.1998-200321-3/4"

*Add or subtract 5" for your application ( + or - 1/32" )

BRG406N - Johnson-Evinrude V4 Large 90-140HP 1992-2012
BRG404R - Johnson-Evinrude V4 Small 85-140HP 1978-1998

Sours: https://www.crowleymarine.com/d/tech_article/johnsonevinrude-driveshaft-installation

Drive removal upper evinrude shaft

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Evinrude 150 outboard drive shaft seal, gear selector o-rings and water pump

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