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Best Trails in Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

#2 - Black Oak Picnic Area to Jamajab Point

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

Length: km • Est. 2 h 1 m

When the road to the trailhead is closed, you can park by the loading docks. There is a $10 fee. This trail navigates around the southeastern wing of Silverwood in Miller Canyon. Most of the trail is on paved trails, with a few exceptions where the trail's been covered with silt, damaged by slides over the years, or broken up with age. This trail is also open to bikes. The trail along the southern lake shore is mostly shaded under forest canopy with plentiful lake views and provides a handy path to get from day-use areas to shoreline and campsites. Much of the northerly shore of Miller Canyon around the lake is exposed but it does provide a few spots of shore access and views from the other side. A great little hike! The Silverwood Lake area boasts an active wildlife population that includes California mule deer, gray foxes, coyotes and the periodic mountain lion. Cottontail, brush rabbits, jackrabbits, western gray and ground squirrels, ringtails, chipmunks and wood rats can be commonly seen. Along the Mojave River black bears, bobcats and golden beavers live. Bald eagles fly during the winter, fishing the lake's waters. Other water birds include Great blue herons, snowy egrets, avocets, western grebes, loons, Canada geese, mergansers and several varieties of ducks, frequently in large numbers. Other bird species include Red-tailed hawks, Cooper's hawks, ospreys and roadrunners. This area is also home to Clark's nutcrackers, Steller's and scrub jays, rock wrens and mountain bluebirds. Silverwood Lake vegetation habitats include ponderosa pine, incense cedar, white fir and black oak. Along the lake's shores are chamise, live oak, manzanita, ceanothus and mountain mahogany grow. Stream species include Alders, willows and sycamores. Back in October, Silverwood was hit by wildfires that severely damaged about 1, acres of the State Recreation Area. Since then winter rains have brought flooding. The impact can still be seen along this trail in the form of washouts, slides, trail silting, and fire damage to fencing, all still awaiting funding for repairs. The bright side is nature's amazing ability to recover. Silverwood Lake's story actually begins in the Northern Sierra Nevada foothills up around Oroville, California and the Feather River Basin. The waters travel southward in the State Water Project aqueducts and pumping stations and a portion ends up here at Silverwood Lake. The lake is also fed by the Mojave River. The water is then stored and used to generate electricity, provide water to various agencies, is distributed to Lake Perris and then sent all over to several Southern California Counties.Show more


Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

Water Quality and Blue Green Algae Blooms

Silverwood Lake is currently safe for swimming.

Silverwood Lake S.R.A 

As with any lake, ocean, or river in the nation, Silverwood Lake's aquatic ecosystem cannot be compared to a swimming a pool that is treated with chemicals to ensure water quality.  If you choose to use the lake for swimming, keep in mind that natural lake processes occur and there may be times that the water quality for recreation may pose a health risk.  Recently, the Department of Water Resources began to test State facilities for the presence of harmful algae. Prior to , there was no way to test for the presence of this naturally occurring event though it’s presumed all bodies of water have had past blooms Now that weekly testing is occurring, we will likely see tests results of future blooms of blue /green algae that may be harmful.  Some general guidelines regardless of any elevated test include: 

Do not drink the water and try not to get water in your mouth

Do not eat algae or aquatic plants

Do not let pets enter the water (They are not allowed in the water by regulation)

Do not go swimming if you have open wounds or cuts

Shower after using the lake

Humans who drink or swim in water that contains high concentrations of cyanobacteria or cyanobacterial toxins may experience gastroenteritis, skin irritation, and allergic responses.  In conjunction with the State Water Board and the Department of Water Resources, three levels of advisories have been established so visitors can be informed about the current water condition in a particular area. 

First Level = Caution:    A caution warning indicates that you can swim in the water but you should avoid contact with algae and keep children away from algae.  Do not drink the water or use it for cooking.   Do not eat shellfish.  Do not allow pets to enter the water 

Second Level= Warning:  A warning means that you should not swim.  Stay away from scum or algae, do not drink or use water for cooking.   Do not eat shellfish.  Do not allow pets to enter the water. 

Third Level= Danger:  Stay out of the water including wading.  Stay away from scum or algae, do not drink or use water for cooking.   Do not eat shellfish.  Do not allow pets to enter the water. 

These advisories are recommendations based upon testing results and CA State Parks will post them and update them weekly at the entrances to parking lots, lifeguard towers and other areas where body water contact occurs.

Current testing results / impacts:  None

For more information, visit

Attention Boaters!

Silverwood Lake SRA wishes to remind everyone of California's new law requiring boat operators to have a California Boating Card. The card is required for anyone under the age of 41 to operate a boat in California's waters, which includes Silverwood Lake, Lake Perris, and all other inland waterways as well.

All vessels entering Silverwood Lake SRA will be inspected for standing water and quagga mussels. Vessels that fail inspection will not be allowed to launch and may be turned away from the park. Please ensure your vessel is cleaned of vegetation and organic material, drained of any and all standing water (including the outdrive and live wells), and completely dry. Any amount of water found may constitute a failure. We do not want you to fail this free inspection! (Click here for more information)

Camp Fires / BBQ


Due to high fire danger, a FIRE BAN has gone into effect in Silverwood Lake SRA. Effective Aug 24, until further notice, NO wood or charcoal fires of any kind will be allowed anywhere in the park.

Propane or gas stoves, heaters, lanterns and portable gas fire pits are still allowed.


Campfires are allowed in the campground in park-provided fire rings.  Use of charcoal is allowed in park-provided grills in the campground and designated picnic areas.  Portable charcoal barbeques, ground fires, or other portable wood-burning fire pits or devices are not permitted due to potential fire danger.  Use of personal propane gas grills, stoves, lanterns, and heaters are allowed. 

During periods of high fire danger based on weather, and in accordance with fire restrictions issued by the United States Forrest Service, Silverwood Lake SRA may impose a fire ban.  Check this website and our facebook page for updates.

Park Hours

Open Daily am - pm. All vessels must be trailered before sunset.

Nature Center Open Fri-Sun 10 am to 4 pm.

Summer Visitation

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area experiences high visitation beginning in April and continuing through October. On holidays and all summer weekends, the park may fill to capacity and, if so, will be closed. Please note that if you park on the Highway on or off ramps, or are blocking any part of the roadway outside of the park, your vehicle may be subject to citation or tow. If you arrive and find the park entrance closed, please return at a later time, typically after pm. Please plan your visit accordingly.


The park is located off of Highway and Cleghorn Road, 11 miles east of I heading east; or 20 miles north of San Bernardino via Highways 18 &
Silverwood Lake, CA  Click here to see a Google Map of Silverwood Lake SRA

For best results navigating to Silverwood Lake type in Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area or Sawpit Canyon Rd, Hesperia, CA, into your GPS device.

Additional Visitor Services
  • Sani-Star, LLC. (Automated RV Dump Fee Collection System)


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Silverwood Lake Day Trip Activities Things To Do

Silverwood Lake Day Trip

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area, set high in the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest, capturing the imagination with vistas of snow-capped mountain peaks reflected on a stately lake that was formed by the foot Cedar Springs Dam.

The lake is an angler’s paradise and provides plenty of trout, largemouth bass, catfish, and bluegill to catch. This lake attracts waterfowl, raptors, migratory Canada Geese, and an occasional bald eagle, making it a magnificent birding experience.

Silverwood Lake Boat Docks

Silverwood Lake features two swimming beaches plus 13 miles of paved hiking and bicycling trails that include a point of entry to the crown jewel of America’s scenic trails — the 2,mile Pacific Crest Trail.

At the lake, there is also the marina with a launching ramp for all boats and PWC’s, boat and equipment rentals, and a general store that sells bait, fishing equipment, and other supplies.

Silverwood Lake Beach

With so much to do at Silverwood SRA, visitors will find that an overnight stay is a must, and camping is available right on the site. This location is home to The Mesa Campground, with its family campsites.

These come with everything you might need to have a great night of outdoor camping adventure, including a picnic table, barbecue grill, and fire ring at each site as well as restrooms and showers nearby.

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

Finally, seven walk-in sites can be used by bicyclists and hikers. Other nearby recreation areas include Lake Gregory in Crestline and Lake Arrowhead.

Silverwood Lake State lake is 3, feet elevation level; the climate changes quite drastically with the seasons. From late spring to early fall, the temperatures sit around a scorching level between degrees Fahrenheit.

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

In the colder months, it can range from anywhere in between 30 and 60 degrees. The park is open Friday through Tuesday, from 7 am – 5 pm and is closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

From January through March, barge tours to view the bald eagles are available. Saturday or Sunday tours are popular attractions. Reservations recommended.

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area

California is home to a wealth of state and regional parks. Considering the size of California, there is always a handful of outdoor recreation areas that seem to stand the test of time, and Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area is one of them.

Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area is located in the San Bernardino Mountains, approximately 11 miles east of Interstate 15 on Highway

Best California lakes for a camping vacation.


Silverwood Lake! California! 6/15/2020 too many PEOPLE!!!

Recreational Activities

Silverwood Lake Boating, fishing, water skiing, jet skiing, hiking, bicyling, and swimming are all popular activities. Several picnic areas surround the lake, including three which are accessible only by boat. Rangers lead activities such as nature walks, Junior Rangers, campfire programs and winter boat tours to view bald eagles.
Larry & his 5 lbs bass


Spring and fall, when lake and waterskiing activity are minimal, provide the best fishing conditions. From February through early June, trout fishing is good, and the lake also has largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish and striped bass. In spring boat and shore fishing are available.


The Mesa Campground has family sites, each with a table, barbecue grill and fire ring. Restrooms and showers are nearby. There are seven sites for bicyclists and hikers, and five accessible sites. The group campsites have barbecues, tables and restrooms with showers. Each will accommodate persons and 30 cars.


The park has 13 miles of paved hiking and bicycling trails. Bicyclists under 18 years of age must wear safety helmets. Riders should watch for sand and debris on the trail, slow down around blind curves, and carry plenty of drinking water. Boating�The northern part of the lake has an area for waterskiing, and a marina and launch ramps are located at the southern end.


Only aquaplanes or waterskis are permitted. Tow lines must not exceed 90 feet. Inflatable equipment, such as rubber rafts and innertubes, must not be towed.


Two swim beaches are located at the southern end of the lake. Lifeguards are on duty daily from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.

Bald Eagle Barge Tours

From January through March, barge tours to view the bald eagles are available. Saturday/Sunday tours are popular attractions.

The Pacific Crest Trail

Part of the 2,mile Pacific Crest Trail�which originates in Mexico, traverses three western states and terminates in Canada�passes through the park. This jewel in the crown of America�s scenic trails runs along the crest of the San Bernardino Mountains.

source: State of California


Silverwood Lake Map
Interactive Lake Map

Boat Tour
Explore the lake by boat

Campground Tour
Virtual camping

Beach Tour
Swimming at the beach

Hiking Tour
Discovering Silverwood on foot

Aerial Photo
Photo of the lake and link to virtual aerial tour of area to the north of the lake

Pacific Crest Trail
Hike to the lake from the Mojave River Forks along the Pacific Crest Trail

Forest Lakes Tour
More lakes of the San Bernardino National Forest, starting with Silverwood

General Information
Activities, camping reservation & contact phone numbers

Silverwood Satellite Image

&#; photo of Silverwood Lake
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