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50+ Beautiful Moon and Stars Wedding Ideas

Plan a moon and stars wedding! This theme is easy to do and we’re here to help you plan with the best moon and stars themed wedding ideas ever. Subscribe now for future blog wedding ideas to your inbox!

Are you dreaming of a moon and stars themed wedding? Do you love dancing under the stars? Are you a science nerd and love space-themed weddings, or do you admire constellations and like the idea of tying starry skies to your wedding plans?

You’ve come to the right place!

A moon and stars wedding makes a beautiful wedding theme and is notably one of the most sought-after style right now. It’s also easier than ever to pull off in a stylish, elegant way thanks to amazing inspiration like this at Stump’s Party. Once we saw their huge standees, light-up stars, stars and moon wedding garland, and moon backdrops, we immediately got to work on a round-up of the best finds for a dreamy, one-of-a-kind stars and moon themed wedding.

to the moon wedding ideas

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In this post, we’ll share their themed wedding finds, along with other finds from elsewhere for things you’ll also need, i.e. moon and stars wedding invitations, save the dates, favors, bridesmaid gifts, and a few bridal accessories.

To make things even sweeter — and during this crazy time — they’re offering something we haven’t seen anywhere else. If you order your event decor from them, and your event is canceled, you can send it back for a refund. (You can read the full details here.) We think it is so generous how companies like theirs are handling parties and weddings during COVID.

This romantic love you to the moon wedding or moon of my life my sun and stars theme round-up are both popular routes to take, depending on the wording you prefer. We found a wealth of inspiration to help you plan in their shop, along with a few other finds online for things like invitations, bridesmaid gifts, attire, bridal accessories, and more to round out this theme.

I picture dancing under a dark starry night sky with a color palette of midnight blue and gold (or silver) and twirling around to Dancing In The Moonlight on the dance floor.

You can even plan a night wedding if you’d like! Sound romantic? We think so, too!

For this theme, we’ve found a fun and stylish moon backdrop for your photo booth, moon wedding invitations, escort cards, constellation place cards, cake toppers, and more. If you see something you like, simply give it a click and you’ll be directed to find out more information or buy yours.

Okay, are you ready for it? Grab a cup of coffee + let’s get started!

Let’s begin with one of the big statement-makers for this theme: a moon backdrop! This is great as a moon wedding ceremony backdrop, or as a photo backdrop for guests to use for fun photo sharing on social media — or printed out on instant film, which we’ll discuss in a minute.


Moon and Stars Wedding Backdrop + Photo Booth

Let’s start with this large moon standee — how beautiful is this?!

buy here

Prefer a different look? Try this cool antique gold liquid metallic moon.

buy here

This large glittery moon is another option! I love the size of this (available here):

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As a fun twist, you can set up your own photo booth with this camera (and lots of film) for guests to take two photos each: one to take home as a favor, one to place in your photo guest book. This book is by GildedSwanPaperie.

buy here

Easy instructions = this sign! By SweetNCCollective.

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And it looks elegant paired with a moonlight tree standee (via here):

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Giant clouds? You’ve got it! Available here.

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And hanging moon? Absolutely! Get it here.

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Or a giant moon standee instead! Get it here

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Decorate your space indoors or outdoors with these amazing kits, like the Sparkle Soiree Kit shown here:

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I love the way this fountain looks! You can get a fountain like this and fill it with iridescent balloons, led lights, and shred to replicate this look. By StumpsParty.

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Infuse your reception with additional light by adding crystal candleholders and columns, both shown below. Get the candleholders here and columns here.

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Gold lanterns are always a good idea. Line the aisle or add to your tables as part of your centerpiece design. If you add a tag and place them at guest place settings, you can give them away as favors, too. By StumpsParty.

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Light-up stars are just as popular as wedding marquee lights these days! Get these here.

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And speaking of marquee lights, these would look fab at your wedding. Choose “LOVE” or your initials. By StumpsParty.

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Moon and Stars Wedding Invitations

Set the tone of your stars and moon wedding with these fabulous invitations! We found a few different styles to inspire you.

These are perfect for a mountain themed or to the moon wedding. By SummerWinkleman.

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Loving these invitations by Anastasia Makarova.

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Get the matching FREE website here, too!

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This first style is by FoxandSeaDesign.

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You can even start with a save the date to match, available here.

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Or this invitation by GildedSwanPaperie:

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And these moon wedding invites by PaigenCo. Stunning!

buy here

Moon and Stars Garland

Decorate your wedding cake table with moon and stars in garland form, available here.

buy here

Chair Bands

Deck out your chairs in sparkly gold! These are beautiful and available in packs of ten here.

buy here

To The Moon Wedding Signage

Love this hedge sign! You can use it in boxwood like this or hang on any wall outdoors or indoors. By PostStudioProjects.

buy here

Or this large wooden sign. You can use this again after the wedding! By LettersToYou.

buy here

These chair signs are a cute idea for the couple’s reception chairs. By LettersToYou.

buy here

Does anything light up the night quite like neon signs for weddings? We thought not! Here are a few options, like this moon and stars neon sign by DomastoreNY.

buy here

Or this one by CutieWoodie:

buy here

Welcome guests to your wedding with this poster by LovaluWeddings:

buy here

Or this sign by EastCoastVinylDecals.

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Moon Wedding Place Cards

LOVE these agate moon wedding place cards. Crazy beautiful! By DearDarlingDesignUS.

buy here

By FallenTreeShop.

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Also loving these by LittleMissPrintCo:

buy here


Sure, flowers are beautiful, but for this to the moon wedding, a shimmering moon sounds even better! These are so sparkly and will set the mood for a romantic evening. It holds an LED candle for a flickering effect behind the moon. The LED candles are not included but you can buy them in bulk here for cheap (yet great quality!) By Stump’s Party.

buy here

If you like the look of mini balloons on tables (balloons are everywhere right now!) you can replicate this look:

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Speaking of balloons, these are a fun accent for your to the moon wedding theme or bridal shower. Available here.

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Gold Cocktail Tables

Sparkle during cocktail hour with these glamorous cocktail covers! By StumpsParty.

buy here

Don’t have cocktail tables? You can get them here.

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At the entrance of your wedding, add these light-up moons. They’ll illuminate the space and the escort cards or your seating chart on display.

buy here

This moon and stars wedding seating chart is amazing by AmysCrafting:

buy here

Speaking of escort cards, you’ll want to place these for guests to take and find their seats. Beautiful! By MillieStone.

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OMG, and I just love this for EVERYWHERE — weddings and beyond! By TripsyShop:

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Decorate your cake with this amazing crescent moon topper by AULDMOON.

buy here

Or this topper (photo by JolieImages) also from the same designer here.

buy here

Here’s another fab option by DearHeartSigns:

buy here

Prefer the “moon of my life and stars” line? This cake topper is a great option for your moon themed wedding! See it here.

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Get it personalized like this stars and moon cake topper by Light+Paper.

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And cut the cake with these forks and serving set (by ProseandPolish.

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And this incredible laser cut paper cake topper! By SuzanneOddyDesign.

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Dress up your bar with a few to the moon wedding theme details! Here are some of our top picks.

Stir Sticks: you know we love stir sticks around here! These are perfect. By DelovelyDetails.

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Sprinkle this acrylic confetti on the bar or at reception tables (by DaisyDaySpecialDay):

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Make your wine bottles coordinate with the theme! Just add these custom labels from here.

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Plan your moon and stars wedding bar around the moon theme with these fun harvest-inspired picks, perfect for a fall wedding. Sign by Hyland Paper.

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Or these cool star-shaped menus for your moon and stars wedding by AmysCraftingCorner:

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Moon Wedding Tables

If you want to add sparkle to your tables, do it with sequin tablecloths! You can get silver or gold to coordinate with whichever tone you prefer. By Stump’s Party (or here for gold).

buy here

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To the moon wedding favors are easy when you know where to find ’em! Here are a few suggestions you — and your guests! — will love to receive as wedding favors.

Matches: These matches are completely customizable. This example reads, “Over the Moon” with your names and wedding date. By For Your Party.

buy here

Coasters: These to the moon wedding coasters make a great take-home gift. By ZCreateDesign.

buy here

Luggage Tags: Celestial luggage tags?! Yes, please! These are amazing. By LetterandLeather.

buy here

Keychains: These to the moon wedding favors are by StumpsParty.

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Lollipops: Edible favors are always a good one! By StumpsParty.

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Can Coolers: By SipHipHooray.

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Face Masks: You’ll need face masks this year! Luckily, ForYourParty has stylish disposable masks for guests. Here’s one example in navy with gold foil… you can also do a custom one as we did, shown below!

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Hand Sanitizer: You’ll also need hand sanitizer! These are stylish options — or you can customize your own with colors of your choice. By ForYourParty.

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Lip Balm: These lip balm favors are oh-so-cute! By LabelsRUs.

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If you’re making your own favors, use these to seal ’em up (i.e. cookies, coffee, donuts, etc.) by DistinctVs.

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Do Not Disturb Door Hangers: These are fun favors for your guest welcome bags! By AmysCraftingCorner.

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Ahhh, we love napkins for weddings! These are adorable for this moon wedding theme. By PineandBerryShop.

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And these by ForYourParty:

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Menus with Chargers

Use chargers on your tables: they’ll add a definite dose of style to your settings! You can get chargers from here at an amazing price in gold or silver.

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Add menus to your tables like these — they’re amazing!

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They’ll look amazing with these black satin napkins from StumpsParty.

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Instead of a traditional wedding veil, you can get a moon and stars wedding veil or alternative. This sparkly moon wedding veil is by WeddingVeilUSA and looks amazing!

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For an alternative, this moon phase headband is a gorgeous option — handmade with love! By AULDMOON.

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And this quartz crown by Talismanheadgear.

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Ring Pillow

Instead of a pillow, try this love you to the moon wedding ring dish instead! By OrlyDesign.

buy here

Bouquet Alternative

Instead of carrying bridesmaid bouquets, have them carry these unique moon hoops instead. By Auldmoon.

buy here

Moon Themed Wedding Bridesmaid Gifts

Give your bridesmaids a token of your appreciation that will remind them of your wedding day! These crescent necklaces are by MignonandMignon.

buy here

These fun stars and moon bridesmaid robes are great for getting ready! By PoppyLovePetal.

buy here

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These moon and back ring dishes for your girls by SydneyAshlynCo:

buy here

These sweet gold crescent moon necklace (I want!) by TiffanyAvenueBridal:

buy here

This ring, if you want an alternative wedding ring or just a ring to remember your wedding day, here’s one you’ll love! By BohoMagicSilver.

buy here

Groomsmen Gifts

These cufflinks add a nice accent to your wedding! By WhiteTruffle.

buy here

These… (by OverTheMoonBridal):

buy here

And these by GatherandFlow.

buy here

And these cool moon and stars wedding dress socks for groomsmen by FridaySockCo:

buy here

Moon and Stars Wedding Gifts

After the wedding… capture the way the moon looked as you danced under those stars and said, “I Do”. This print is a beautiful keepsake — and it also makes a great 1st year anniversary gift, which is traditionally paper. By kiwiNberries.

buy here

Or this one — I want this for my own home! By UrbanFarmhouseSignCo.

buy here

Moon Wedding Thank You Cards

Don’t forget these thank you cards: “thank you to the moon and back”. How cute! By MintandMerlotPaperCo.

buy here

And that’s it! Your beautiful love you to the moon wedding theme is easy thanks to these wonderful finds.

How to Plan Moon Wedding Theme

If you want to buy the finds in this blog post, simply click on a link underneath the photo to purchase yours. Remember: if you shop Stumps, you can return any decor in the event your wedding is canceled. Shop their incredible assortment of party supplies here.

Happy Planning!


This is a sponsored post with Stumps.

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30 Celestial Wedding Ideas That'll Have You Starry-Eyed

Something about space has us all a little star struck—there's a beauty in the great unknown, as evidenced by our astronomic fascinations. It's believed that the universe itself has something in common with love and marriage: Despite the vastness of space and time you and your partner managed to find one another, and that's pretty spectacular. It's no wonder the starry skies have been associated with both destiny and adventure—and if those sound like wedding-worthy themes to you, you're certainly not alone.

Celestial motifs aren't uncommon at weddings, having been embraced by lovers of nature and astrology, alike. The sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars can have spiritual and religious connotations, too, making them all the more fitting to appear in a variety of celebrations. Come your wedding day, no one will doubt the fact that your union was written in the stars.

If you're thinking about filling your soirée with plenty of out-of-this-world details, consider moody color schemes and metallic and iridescent details throughout your planning process. Even cakes and cocktails can mimic the marvels of space. Take Carol Oliva and Bridget McKay's constellation-themed place setting, for example: Note the star-studded blue napkin, the ethereal purple stone seating assignment, the rose-gold cutlery, and the lunar-like gray dish strategically placed over a marble dinner plate to form a crescent shape. The attention to detail seen here feels so fresh and inspired—even the menu's white script by The Crafting Casa elevated this table's collective aesthetic.

There are so many statement-making décor elements available to you under this expansive wedding theme—the sky is literally your limit!—so feel free to go big and bold. Need a little inspiration to get you started? Click through to discover our favorite celestial wedding ideas.

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photo by Jami Laree Photography

You don’t need a telescope to see these celestial wedding ideas! Bring one the most popular 2020 trends to life in just a few easy steps or add a little cosmic flair to your day without going all in. From decorations on your tables and hanging from the ceiling to your makeup and accessories, we’ve rounded up our most out-of-this-world celestial wedding ideas.

Get your inspiration from our celestial wedding ideas including:

  • Constellation Stationery
  • Wooden Crescent Moon Cutouts
  • Starburst Earrings
  • “Love You To the Moon & Back” Cake Toppers
  • Festival-Inspired Star Face Glitter
  • Hanging Tin Star Lanterns
  • Zodiac Place Cards

The answer to your wedding decor questions is in the stars — and this post! Scroll on for a roundup of our most cosmic ideas + products you can shop to bring the look to life!


photo by Love to the Core Photo, stationery by Dear Darling Design US

Digging this wedding paper? We tracked this exact stationery suite down just for you! ;)

photo by Alyssa Marie Evans Photography, stationery by Bare Ink Co

photo by Naba Zabih Photography, stationery by Minted

SHOP SIMILAR CELESTIAL WEDDING INVITATIONS:Simple Celestial Wedding Invitations; Cosmos Wedding Invitations; Galaxy Wedding Invitation Suite; Constellation Stars Midnight Wedding Suite; Galactic + Marble Invitation Set; Moon and Stars Invitation Suite; Personalised Constellation Stars Midnight Blue Wedding Invitation


photo by The Johnsons Photo, event planning & floral design by Sonnet Weddings, venue: Spain Ranch

photo by Ramblefree Photo Co., signage by Sweet Caroline Collective

photo by Ramblefree Photo Co., signage by Sweet Caroline Collective, hanging decor by The Hanging Lantern Company

SHOP SIMILAR WEDDING CHAIR DECOR: We love these moon-shaped wedding chair signs, these moon quote sweetheart chair signs, and this large laser cut moon shape for your own DIY signs!


photo by Naba Zabih Photography, hair & makeup by Whitney Williams, dress via The English Dept.

SHOP SIMILAR CELESTIAL EARRINGS:Large Star and Moon Earrings ($17.99); Minimalist Sun and Moon Earrings ($10.70); Modern Cubic Zirconia Celestial Earrings ($34.77); Simple Star Dangle Earrings ($18); Black Quartz Crystal Celestial Earrings ($34); Bohemian Celestial Dangly Earrings ($27); Long Gold Crystal Starburst Earrings ($36); Geometric Sunburst Hoop Earrings ($28); Delicate Opal Star and Moon Phase Earrings ($65.85)

photo by Rubi Z Photo

SHOP SIMILAR STAR HAIR CLIPS:Astria Hair Pin Set ($58); Set of 4 Gold Spiral Hair Clips ($7.35); 6 Pieces Stars and Moon Hair Clips ($14.99); Gold Star Bobby Pin Set of 2 ($7.66); Gold and Silver Constellation Hair Clip Set ($7.99); Set of 5 Star Hair Pins ($8.66); Crystal Cosmos 3-Pack Bobby Pin Set ($178); Aurelia Set Of Three Gold-tone Crystal Hair Slides ($182) 2-Pack Star Crystal Barrettes ($26)

photo by Alyssa Marie Evans Photography

SHOP CUSTOM LEATHER JACKETS:Custom Black Leather Jacket ($98); Custom White Leather Jacket ($98); Custom Hand Painted Jacket ($100+); Couples Custom Personalised Wedding Jackets ($260.76)

photo by Love to the Core Photo, headpiece by HedsThreads

Love this star crown? Shop it here for just $30!

RECOMMENDED READING: 23 Bridal Crowns Fit for a Queen (Because You Are One)


photo by The Johnsons Photo, event planning & floral design by Sonnet Weddings, cake by Sweet Devotion Cakery

photo by Alyssa Marie Evans Photography, cake topper by Dear Heart Signs, cake by Over The Rainbow

SHOP SIMILAR CAKE TOPPERS:Laser Cut Love You to the Moon and Back Cake Topper ($22+); Moon of My Life My Sun and Stars Cake Topper ($22+); Celestial Wedding Cake Topper In Copper and Gold ($49); Gold I Love You To The Moon and Back Cake Topper ($30+); Crystal Moon Cake Topper ($110); Star Wedding Cake Topper ($41.45)

photo by Rubi Z Photo, cake by Franco Baked


photo by Meg Brooke Photography, makeup by The Goddess Glow, wedding dress by One Day Bridal via En Blanc

SHOP SIMILAR FACE GLITTER:Holographic Stars Cosmetic Glitter ($7.99); Superstar Chunky Gold Glitter ($7.50); Holographic Flake Cosmetic Sequins Glitter ($9.99); Rose Gold Chunky Glitter ($6.99)

photo by Love to the Core Photo

photo by Naba Zabih Photography, hair & makeup by Whitney Williams, dress via The English Dept.

Love their gold freckles? They’re actually temporary tattoos and you can get your own here!

photo by Maggie Grace Photography, headband by Kryle Kryle, earrings by Golden Repertoire, dress by Needle & Thread


photo by Jami Laree Photography, event planning by One Darling Day, venue: Millwick, floral design by Velvet Blooms,

photo by Jami Laree Photography, event planning by One Darling Day

photo by Alyssa Marie Evans Photography, event planning by Sarah May Designs, floral design by I Dew Flowers, rentals by Planks and Patina, signage by Dear Heart Signs

photo by Alyssa Marie Evans Photography, event planning by Sarah May Designs, floral design by I Dew Flowers, rentals by Planks and Patina, signage by Dear Heart Signs

photo by Rubi Z Photo, event planning by Blazeny Wedding Designs


photo by indsey Boluyt Photography

photo by The Johnsons Photo, event planning & floral design by Sonnet Weddings, venue: Spain Ranch

photo by Ramblefree Photo Co.

SHOP SIMILAR EMBROIDERY ART:Ursa Minor – Embroidery Hoop Art ($23.39); Zodiac Constellation Embroidery Hoop Art ($18); Gemini Constellation Gold Print Wall Art ($26.61); Orion Constellation Embroidery Kit ($20); Space Charms Celestial Hand Embroidery Pattern ($6)

photo by Alyssa Marie Evans Photography, event planning by Sarah May Designs, signage by Dear Heart Signs

SHOP CELESTIAL SEATING CHARTS:Starry Night Constellation Seating Chart ($65); Moon Phases Seating Chart Download ($10.49); Constellation Stars Seating Chart ($25); Celestial Printable Wedding Seating Chart ($49)

photo by Rubi Z Photo, event planning by Blazeny Wedding Designs

photo by The Johnsons Photo, event planning & floral design by Sonnet Weddings, venue: Spain Ranch

SHOP SIMILAR CELESTIAL PLACE CARDS:Starry Night Agate Table Numbers with Calligraphy ($12.60); Unique Celestial Place Card ($3.43+); Crescent Moon Plexiglass Place Cards ($3.37); Laser Cut Moon and Stars Place Card ($5.46); Celestial Painted Acrylic Table Numbers ($7.50); Starry Night Agate Place Cards ($5)

Love these celestial wedding ideas? Check out this celestial-inspired wedding in Joshua Tree to see more inspiration in action!

Sun and Moon {Miss Saigon ~ Manila, 2000} - Lea Salonga \u0026 Will Chase

It’s honestly hard to put this wedding into words.  The love I felt that day was pure, genuine and abundant.  Ashley and Timmy got married on a private orchard overlooking the river with their wonderful family and friends. The atmosphere was pure magic. 

   The October day started as overcast with a few sprinkles that turned into the sun popping out and casting a beautiful warm glow. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better a rainbow came out and gave us a magic show over the river just in time for their reception.  As they partied under the stars and danced slowly to over a hundred sparklers, the moon came out in all it’s glory and was full, over the river. This was the PERFECT day for Ashley and Timmy’s sun, moon and star themed wedding.  

     Not only was the wedding full of details, they were way more meaningful.  Ashley taught herself how to hand letter and beautifully crafted every letter we saw that day.  She learned how to dye fabric and created over 200 dinner napkins.  Timmy and guys custom built the bar and so much more. Their family and friends came together to help them create a magical love celebration that I will never forget and feel blessed to be part of.  

 Congratulations Ashley and Timmy, may you always smile as much as you did on your wedding day, I know you will :)  


And theme sun moon wedding

20 Celestial Wedding Theme Ideas Inspired by the Night Sky

celestial wedding theme tablescape

The celestial wedding theme—a decor aesthetic inspired by astronomy, stars, and the sky—has become a mainstay for couples envisioning a boho-meets-romantic vibe for their special day. Reading our horoscopes, diving deep into each other's sun signs, and blaming Mercury retrograde for all of our minor inconveniences has become the norm for many of us these days (looking at you, fellow millennials), so why not turn to the cosmos for inspiration when it's time to get married? From sultry, midnight blue colors to iridescent details, these enchanting wedding ideas are perfect for any star-obsessed couple.

What's a celestial-themed wedding? 

By official definition, the word "celestial" refers to anything related to outer space, the planets, the sky, or astronomy. That includes things we see every day, like clouds, the sun and the moon, to more distant celestial bodies, like stars, galaxies, and constellations. For your special day, a celestial wedding theme is a little bit moody, a little bit whimsical, and a little bit boho. 

Navy blues, greens, and purples should be the bulk of your celestial wedding color palette, but you can add accent tones like pink and dark orange—think sunset colors. Finally, you'll want to incorporate a lot of metallic silver, gold or bronze elements that will reflect the light and add maximum sparkle and shimmer to your decor. 

Celestial Wedding Theme Ideas

Read to plan your starry night wedding? Use these ideas to get started with your celestial theme. 

navy blue and black celestial wedding theme invitations with constellations

Celestial wedding invitation suite

While there's always the option of sending out invitations decorated with stars and glitter, we prefer a more subtle take on the celestial wedding theme when it comes to your stationery. These navy blue invitations are the perfect example of how to pull off a galactic-inspired theme in a unique way with details like constellation sketches, whimsical calligraphy, and watercolor paper.  

sparkly silver rhinestone wedding high heels on veil with perfume bottle

Rhinestone wedding high heels

Embrace your celestial theme by rocking a pair of rhinestone or glitter shoes to mimic a starry night sky. If heels aren't your thing, a pair of sparkly flats or sneakers are just as playful.

Black bride sits with hands crossed in her lap nails are painted elegant ivory shade

Milky Way-inspired nail polish

Having trouble making a final decision about your bridal manicure? A simple cream or ivory shade is flattering and timeless—choose a formula with a hint of shimmer to reflect your theme.

model wearing gold tulle wedding dress adorned with gold and silver sequin stars

Dress by Willowby by Watters

Starry night wedding dress 

A celestial wedding theme is all about incorporating whimsical details, and that goes for your wedding day attire, too! Rock a wedding dress covered in starburst-shaped beading or sequins (like the "Orion" dress by Willowby, shown above) to truly make a statement.  

models stand facing opposite directions with hair blowing in the wind minimal bridal makeup looks

Dewy bridal makeup

Achieve an angelic, out-of-this world glow by keeping your wedding day makeup light and airy. Focus on using products that aren't overly matte, then amp up the shimmer with highlighter on your cheekbones, metallic eyeshadow or eyeliner, and high-shine lip gloss.

bride and her bridesmaids laugh while standout outside of the venue they are wearing mis-matched dresses in green and blue colors

Blue and green bridesmaid dresses

These blue and green bridesmaid dresses are like a breath of fresh air for your wedding party, especially with the mix-and-match styles. Recreate the look by choosing two or three colors and giving your 'maids the freedom to pick a dress that makes them feel most comfortable. 

close-up of black tuxedo and blue pocket square decorated with galaxy star pattern

Celestial pocket square and tie

Finish off your suit with starry night-inspired accessories, like this matching pocket square and bow tie decorated with a speckled pattern that mimics a galaxy. 

groom in black tuxedo stands with groomsmen in navy blue tuxedos

Midnight blue and black tuxedos

Think you can't mix blue and black together? Think again. This stylish wedding party is proof that the two are extremely complementary, and they fit right in with a celestial-themed wedding.

celestial wedding theme ceremony sign with moon phases icon at the top

Lunar wedding ceremony signage

If you're planning to skip the traditional wedding ceremony programs, this moon phase illustration sign is the perfect alternative for astronomy lovers (fun fact: this sign is from a planetarium wedding).

celestial wedding theme decor gold stars hanging from clear top ceiling tent

Star ceremony decor

Create a wow-worthy ceremony (or reception) setting by decorating the space with gold stars suspended from the ceiling. Use stars in varying sizes and string them up with fishing line for the most realistic effect—it's even more magical when you add candles.

bride and groom kiss while white smoke surrounds them celestial wedding theme photo effect

Smoke bomb wedding portraits

Use smoke bombs in your wedding photos to make it look like you're floating in the clouds. You can find them in almost any color you want, whether you prefer a realistic gray or a vibrant purple.  

silhouettes of newlyweds and their wedding party against sunset sky

Sunset wedding photo backdrop

Here's a photo op you can recreate with your entire wedding party. Plan ahead with your photographer to spend a few minutes outside right after sunset to capture a dramatic snapshot of your silhouettes against the sky.

celestial wedding theme alternative guest book poster with constellations and greenery

Constellation wedding guest book

Forget the traditional guest book—this creative constellation guest book is so much cooler (and on-theme). Use well-known constellations, like the Big Dipper and Little Dipper, or personalize the poster with your zodiac signs. After the wedding, you can frame it and hang it in your home.  

assorted silver and gold vases with candles decorate an outdoor staircase

Metallic vases and candles

Quickly fill empty space or illuminate dark walkways at your wedding venue by displaying clusters of candles in metallic vases. Use a mix of silver, gold, and mercury glass vessels in different shapes and sizes.

fancy shaped mirrors are decorated with white calligraphy creative celestial wedding theme escort cards

Mirrored wedding escort cards

Your wedding escort cards are a tiny but perfect opportunity to play up your celestial wedding theme. These miniature mirrors are simple enough to recreate, but they're much more memorable than the average paper escort card design.

wedding place setting with silver satin napkin

Silver and gold table setting

Since this wedding theme is more eclectic than classic, it's okay to mix silver and yellow gold tones. Finish your wedding place settings with shiny shantung silk napkins in a silver or gold hue to tie your tablescape together.

star shapes are projected onto a wall in foyer at wedding venue

Star-shaped gobo projections

Whether they're on the ceiling, the floor, or the walls of your venue, celestial-inspired gobos are a fun way to accent your reception space with decorative lighting.

stack of three moon pies celestial wedding theme dessert

MoonPie wedding desserts

Thanks to their name, these sweet treats are practically a must for any celestial-theme wedding. You can serve them as-is in their circular form or cut them into crescent moon shapes if you really want to go all out with your theme. 

white and gray marbled wedding cake decorated with white flowers and edible silver glitter

Celestial wedding cake

Your cake doesn't have to be covered in stars and constellations to be on-theme (although we're completely on board with those ideas, too). This marbled gray and white fondant cake is topped off with edible glitter that looks like stardust. 

bride and groom kiss in front of oversized crescent moon paper photo backdrop

Crescent moon photo booth

A photo booth can be a great way to entertain guests during your reception when they're not eating or dancing. Take yours to the next level by designing an on-theme set with a life-size crescent moon, clouds, and starry night backdrop.

Sun and Moon

My name is Rita, - well, I did a nice job. This girl looked snogging - a slender figure, long black hair with a. Thick bang on the forehead, a pretty face with big brown eyes, a thick, bright I frankly glimpsed Rita's delightful external appearance and glanced at myself in the mirror, seeing in it a poor householder, without any trace of anything.

Without Andryushka, I stopped following myself. Not for whom.

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Trust me, most of the finest, most sophisticated, wisest ladies are far from saints. You don't have to be a saint either. But you have to be smart.

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